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  1. Storm The Gates

    [Release] Vcom AI 3 - Dangerous AI

    Hello. Sorry if that has been answered elsewhere and I missed it, but i'm having an issue where VCOM and Fire For Effect artillery options are not showing up in the Addon Options drop down when I'm logged in as admin on our dedicated server. As far as I know CBA is running or a bunch of the mods we use wouldn't work, and it seems to be happily running off of the User Config file at the moment. Any idea where I can start troubleshooting why it's not showing up in Options? Currently on VCOM 3.3.3, downloaded from Steam and FTP'd from my PC to the server. VCOM is just running server-side. I haven't tried it with just VCOM loaded yet, as I'm wary of making big changes in the middle of our KP Liberation campaign that might affect the save game, just wanted to check there wasn't something I'd missed out, some setting that needs changing to enable those options etc. P.S. thanks for all your work on this, my player group absolutely love the AI improvements, even if a couple of them do keep complaining about AI spotting and shooting through smoke...
  2. I've had two different dedicated servers run by GTX, using the KP Liberation mission, where UAVs absolutely refuse to fly above about 100m altitude. If I take control of the driver position I can fly them manually to any altitude, but as soon as I switch the gun view it starts dropping back down to 100m again. Several other players have reported the same thing. None of us have any problems with UAVs in single player games. Any ideas?
  3. Storm The Gates

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    Thanks for the super detailed reply, much appreciated!
  4. Storm The Gates

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    Hi guys. First off, a massive thanks for all the work you've put into this mod, it adds so much great stuff to ARMA. I did try looking for answers to these questions elsewhere in the thread but couldn't find them, sorry if they have already been answered. I've been experimenting with the Anzac Frigate in a multiplayer game using KP Liberation mission files and Zeus. Is there a way for helicopters to land on the Anzac Frigate without the ship flipping over and exploding? Is there a way for other players to board the ship from the water or from land? I can't seem to get the artillery computer to appear while using the 127mm cannon. I've pressed the + key several times and It just zooms in, never goes to a firing solution plotter. Is this a known issue or am I doing something stupid? Cheers!