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  1. CAG in Syria MOD:MGP old version,CAG HK416,VSM,RR'S JSOC,ops core,USSOC,CPE and some private addons
  2. DEVGRU and CAG MOD:SPEC4,RHS,LBT6094,MGP,and some private thing
  3. Everything is change 1965-2017 MODS:RHS,SMA,UNSUNG_3.1_Delta,lbt6094,ORC maritime (WIP)and some Private thing
  4. Don't worry, we just travel to Chernobyl
  5. 稽Funny 滑

    [WIP]ORC's TIER1 Equipment Pack

    @warlord554 @road runner We have made some changes according to your suggestion
  6. DEVGRU recon team in Syria They take point to recon the enermy Mission complete,go home seals! MOD:JOSC,RR JPC,RR MICH,RHS,SMA,Opscor helmet and some Private thing.
  7. the specal force in Syria MOD:RHS;VSM;ATAINO ADDONS;TRYK;RHS RE-TEX,CSW;MGP;USSOCOM;RR 6094;DIREONE's relax pose,SOTG;NATO SF and SPN weapon;SMA.and some private
  8. SDU CQB time MODS:TRYK,Hidden Identity v3,RHS,RH M4,VSM,TAC VEST,Complementary Special Weapons(http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=930738103&searchtext=)and some private MODS
  9. DEVGRU MOD:KA MP7,RH M4 PACK ,RR JPC,SPEC4,VSM WARFIGHTER and some private mods
  10. Act of Valor MODS:RHS,TACV,VSM,Private mods
  11. SWCC training in Europe MODS:RHS,CUP.JOSC uniform,LBT6094,sma,and some Private Addons
  12. PLA spec-ops team is ready to go! MOD:TACP,VMEPLA;TRYK, private mods(uniform)
  13. DEVGRU and GROM arrest a PLA officer MOD:SMA,VME PLA,RHS,GPN18, Military gear packs,TRYK,and private mods.
  14. Chechnya Speacal force in Syria MOD:RussianGUR_mas, Military gear packs,RHS and private mods.