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    Hi there, here are some issues which I found with recent RC ( and also in the Dev release: Blackwasp: HMDS CCIP Gun Cross is not properly aligned when locking onto ground target. Somehow it gets pinned off center, near locked target. (see: no way, my gatling/fuselage was pointed into that direction...) Blackwasp: HMDS Pitch-Ladder is toggled off/on when looking of fuselage/center axis about 3-5 degrees right/left? Very distracting mid flight/combat when using 6DOF head tracking (TrackIR, etc). Better and proper to keep it in place and slide in, like CCIPs and rest of center based HUD Information. (see from minute 1:10, real F35 HMDS sim: ) Blackwasp: TGP movement/look speed is based on direct-mouse input. Not like the other TGPs, which are behaving more like turrets. Just remembered, also the sensors are not rotating with the TGP, not sure if this is as designed or bug in the Blackwasp Kajman: Target locking solely as Pilot is not possible, if gunner position is not manned. The HUD Radar-Target-Detection-Markers are so tiny. One can barely make them out. In real HUDs they are a lot bigger... (see Image in 1., small green specks, bottom of HMDS, very hard to recognise) Autopilot/Autocruise for Jets, is still missing. Difficult to keep jet stable while in TGP and looking for targets. And thank you so much for finally making sens(e)ors ;) and the new HUDs are awesome! Finally no more arcade-all-seeing-radar-eye! Edit: Added, 3.1., 6.