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  1. FIA members on a morning patrol. Malden c.2014. Addons: RHS, NIArms, Deep Zone, Dusty's RHS retexture project, DireOne's Relax and no combat poses, Rismarck's WW2 Pose Pack.RelRismarck's WW2 Pose Packax anRelax and no combat posesd no combat poses
  2. Been away from the internet for a while and it seems like I missed two great updates. Thanks for your amazing content, @wsxcgy, you really put much effort into this.
  3. Nevermind, we are lucky that you are considering requests at all and providing the community with top-quality content. I do use Project OPFOR but PO's Iraqi army, Pesmerga and ISIS sporting combat shirts and tactical pants look a bit out of place which was the reason for my request.
  4. Great addon, wsxcgy! Have you considered making M93 uniform in Chinese Type 07 Arid camo? It would be a welcome addition for Middle-eastern themed scenarios.