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    Keyframe Animation

    i can create entire cutscenes and intros. if i disable the loop option the animation just doesnt work
  2. Hello everyone. Do we have any news about this feature? It's been out like for a month and still we only got a tutorial for a looped animation. I'm really excited as the potential of this is huge for making missions. Is it broken at the current state so we only use the loop?, has anyone found a way to make this work?
  3. enginikts

    I can't load a savegame

    Can confirm, now it works like a charm Thank you
  4. Hi everyone. I can't load any savegame unless I'm running the game without ANY mod. As soon as It starts loading i get a crash, and a messeage that says "The exception unknown software exception (0x000dead) occurred in the application at location 0x00007FFCE8619E08." Even with just CBA activated i can't load any savegame. Any ideas?