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    Only make the UAV gunner Slot available

    Of course it had to be that simple :D Thanks for the Help.
  2. Following problem, I want to set a UAV that is flying arround a Location for Units on the Ground to use it as an Eye in the Sky. But I want them to only be able to Controll the Gunner/Camera so that they don't start messing arround with it. I allready searched for a solution but didn't find one, it would be nice if someone has a way to accomplish this.
  3. Justin Bottenbruch

    Show BIS_fnc_typeText2 to all Players

    Thank you, it's working now just how i wanted it to. Just have to rewrite some scripts to prevent Errors, probably not necessary, but i want to be safe.
  4. Justin Bottenbruch

    Show BIS_fnc_typeText2 to all Players

    Still, the script get executed, but the Text is still only visible for Host, or nobody if on my Server..
  5. So, i'm pretty new in the Arma 3 Mission edeting and scripting, or at least for Multiplayer. My problem is, that in my Singleplayer Missions i could just use BIS_fnc_typeText2 and everything worked just fine, but now I'm trying to do this and other Stuff like Hints etc. in a Multiplayer Mission, but it only is Shown to Host or when i put it on my Linux Root Server, to no one. All the triggers Work just how I want them to, New Tasks get Assigned and everything that has to be done by Server (like let NPC eject via script and stuff like this) work also. Only Issue I have is that Hint's and BIS_fnc_typeText2 etc. are not shown to the Players except host if launched local. What i did is Adding eventhandlers that get active if you kill the Guy you have to Start the Actual Mission. this addEventHandler ["killed", {[] exec "Missionflow.sqs"}]; The Code below is executed, but hints and Stuff is only shown to host. <Missionflow.sqs> [[["Bluefor", "align = 'center' size = '0.7'", "#0000FF"], ["", "<br/>"], ["Im Anflug für ''Para-Drop''", "align = 'center' size = '1.0'"]]] spawn BIS_fnc_typeText2; ~30 [[["OPFOR", "align = 'center' size = '0.7'", "#FF0000"], ["", "<br/>"], ["Im Gebiet", "align = 'center' size = '1.0'"]]] spawn BIS_fnc_typeText2; ~110 [[["WARNUNG", "align = 'center' size = '0.7'", "#FF0000"], ["", "<br/>"], ["Jets im Anflug", "align = 'center' size = '1.0'"]]] spawn BIS_fnc_typeText2; ~120 [[["EVAC", "align = 'center' size = '0.7'", "#FF0000"], ["", "<br/>"], ["Ist unterwegs", "align = 'center' size = '1.0'"]]] spawn BIS_fnc_typeText2; hintSilent "Achten sie auf Feinde"; And all this is only shown to Host, i dont know what to do about this, how am I getting this to work in Multiplayer so all are seeing this. What I also tried is giving the Playable Characters Variable Names (a to d) and then did this: this addEventHandler ["killed", {[a] exec "Missionflow.sqs"}]; this addEventHandler ["killed", {[b] exec "Missionflow.sqs"}]; this addEventHandler ["killed", {[c] exec "Missionflow.sqs"}]; this addEventHandler ["killed", {[d] exec "Missionflow.sqs"}]; I also tried adding a trigger and set Trigger owner to the Guy you have to kill, and set Activation on not Present, which works for ingame modules to become active very good for me. And in "On Activation" i put: [] exec "Missionflow.sqs"; // and also again with the Player Variables [a] exec "Missionflow.sqs"; [b] exec "Missionflow.sqs"; [c] exec "Missionflow.sqs"; [d] exec "Missionflow.sqs"; Hope someone can Help me, didn't found anything that seems to work for me so I'm asking here now.