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    Re-mapping is a train wreck

    I have been re-mapping PC games for twenty years.. (so stop with the presumptions before I start). I was the first person to upload a downloadable .ini file of Left-handed controls for The Witcher 3 (until the Devs fixed that error of theirs). I have tried a thousand times to get this ARMA 3 game working properly after re-mapping. BUT When I go forwards, the game sends me sideways. W,A,S,D (for me [leftys]) is Numpad 8,4,5,6 etc... So I press NP 8 instead of W to go forwards. BUT The game sends me sideways EVEN THOUGH ONLY the ONE Action IS MAPPED TO THAT KEY. AND; Every update seems to destroy previous re-mapping. If I delete EVERY SINGLE CONTROL AND START AFRESH (with no double-mappings) the game still will not allow me to move around logically in game. Around 780,000,000 other left-handed people today: So (out of my 950 Steam games); Its about time there was more than ONE game that has a pre-set of Left-handed Keyboard settings (as Right-handed players are given 100% of the time). Does anyone know how to fix this train-wreck of controls?
  2. I am having EXACTLY the same problem. Exactly the same gear. Please make a video on how to do it as I have been losing my hair trying to figure out how to get the collective to actually function and the Saitek pedals (rudder is named half a dozen things except rudder). I managed to get them mapped in dozens of other games (space flight sims, MS Flight X Aerofly FS2 etc etc), so I dont know why they dont work properly in this game. Also surprised that there is not a pre-map for $600+ controllers.