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  1. Hey all, thanks in advance for the help. I've been playing with Arma for a while, mostly downloading scenarios and doing a few here and there just with the editor. Recently I've got to the point where I wanted to start making more complex missions and have been trying to learn editing with Arma III through Focker's tutorials. After beginning to get a decent grasp on coding, I started working on the thing that made me learn to begin with; an undercover script. Basically what I wanted was something to where the enemy wouldn't engage the player(s) if the player was in a vehicle or if the player was out of the vehicle, they wouldn't engage if the player was unarmed. It took me a while to get anything to really happen with it but I finally got it to work with each one of those conditions individually using codes. Trying to add them together is where I'm encountering problems. Here's what I have so far (And I understand this probably isn't the best way to go about it but I'm mostly doing this just to learn right now): _onFoot = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", getPos player]; _onFoot setTriggerArea [0,0,0,false]; _onFoot setTriggerActivation ["player","",true]; _onFoot setTriggerStatements ["this; (isNull objectParent delta01);","",""]; _checkArmed = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", getPos player]; _checkArmed setTriggerArea [0,0,0,false]; _checkArmed setTriggerActivation ["player",true]; _checkArmed setTriggerStatements ["this;(currentWeapon delta01 =="""");","",""]; _makeUndercover = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", getPos player]; _makeUndercover setTriggerArea [0,0,0,false]; _makeUndercover setTriggerActivation ["player",true]; _makeUndercover setTriggerStatements ["this; !(triggerActivated _checkArmed) && (triggerActivated _onFoot);","player setCaptive true;","player setCaptive false;"]; Basically what I was trying to do was have the _onFoot trigger activate if the player WAS NOT in a vehicle, and trigger the _checkArmed if the player WAS armed, then use that to activate the _makeUndercover trigger and make the enemy ignore (or engage) the player. I can get the _onFoot and _checkArmed triggers to work when putting the "player setCaptive true;" and "player setCaptive false;" commands in the activation and deactivation, however it appears the triggerActivated is not returning the boolean like I assumed it would (or another one of a million possible ways I went wrong). Thanks again in advance, I'm sure I'll have plenty more questions in the future