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  1. timebomb18

    AI drop item

    In case it is to spawn on all enemies. How to put a Drop Rate%?
  2. Hello! I need a script that causes the enemy to die, drop an expecific item, does anyone have a light?
  3. Thank you for the answer, my friend! 1) She would drop on the ground next to the enemy's body 2) Anywhere with buildings or in a certain brand area. The ammobox would be the goal of the mission, where the BLUEFOR team has to find and destroy them.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm working on an insurgency mission, I'm doing it on the map Fallujah, I've done all the spawn part of AI (ALIVE) only missing the main one: A script for AI to drop intel to reveal ammo cache and another to spawn The ammo cache. I tried copying from "ALiVE Insurgency Revived by Hazey", but it does not work ... Grateful