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  1. Sgt. Dennenboom

    Linear execution, how?

    thing = [] spawn { [] call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "code1.sqf"; [] call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "code2.sqf"; }; Works too, as you can still "call" scripts if they contain sleeps in a scheduled environment. This will start code2 after code1 finished.
  2. Sgt. Dennenboom

    [MP][CTI-COOP] EvorA

    There is also a boat respawning on the destroyer (in the boat rack in one of the bays) @subs17
  3. Sgt. Dennenboom

    [MP][CTI-COOP] EvorA

    Sorry for not responding to your problem sooner @Barmalei75. I would've known this was the problem immediately. I added this check as a very basic (and easily circumvented) method for making sure people don't copy the mission without credit.
  4. Sgt. Dennenboom

    [MP][CTI-COOP] EvorA

    Promised to deliver EvorA CUP this week, so here is the first one! Added: EvorA: Chernarus Red Play as Russia vs. CDF & NATO Classic EVO red gameplay Fixed: Missing RscMapControl value
  5. Sgt. Dennenboom

    [MP][CTI-COOP] EvorA

    I wanted to release the CUP missions already, but I noticed CUP recently had a big update so I need to go through that first Probably in the week after Easter!
  6. Sgt. Dennenboom

    [MP][CTI-COOP] EvorA

    Got another update for you after all this time! Added: EvorA: Altis Blue Play as NATO vs. AAF Infantry focused gameplay Mostly close-quarters objectives in and around Kavala Start on the USS Freedom in Kavala Bay Added: Better TFAR & ACRE compatibility related to equipment saving Added: Stringtable entries for all strings in all scripts (EN,DE) Added: Functions for localizing remoteExec'd strings on client Added: Objective & RT status hints to menu dialog Added: Briefing about custom user actions Added: Lobby parameter for disabling vehicle TI equipment Added: Lobby parameter for RT marker Added: Lobby parameter for reinforcement event warnings (reinforcements/base attacks/air patrols/artillery) Tweaked: Number of enemies in AO (more but smaller groups) Tweaked: Enemies now patrol the RT more Tweaked: Vehicles spawned through FARP compositions now respawn Tweaked: Enemy AI courage value baseline Tweaked: Vehicles can now spawn & respawn as cargo inside other vehicles (exclusively used for boat-racks) Fixed: Artillery marker had wrong marker class for opfor Fixed: Vehicle engine is now turned off when editing loadouts to prevent random throttle increase
  7. Sgt. Dennenboom

    [MP][CTI-COOP] EvorA

    Russian is fine, although I'd like to have that translation as well since it can be put in the stringtable for the next version. You can edit the shops and objective units if you want. Earplugs are already in the mission, although it's not advertised very well: "custom user action 1" toggles earplugs "custom user action 2" toggles weapon holstering The locking mechanic is a bit complex: If you are inside the vehicle: nobody is kicked If you are outside the vehicle: other players and AI not commanded by you are kicked So if you want a locked vehicle that is still manned, put your own AI in it. It would be weird to lock people into your vehicle with you not inside it. Interesting, I'll look into them. EvorA has an (easy to get around) mechanic that prevents you from changing the mission name, so they must've removed that as well. I'm not sure about how to go about stopping them though.
  8. Sgt. Dennenboom

    [MP][CTI-COOP] EvorA

    @Groove_C I've been quite busy lately, but I hope to publish it this month
  9. Sgt. Dennenboom

    [MP][CTI-COOP] EvorA

    @varrkan_ua 1. I have no plans for a system for saving mission progress and purchased equipment between server restarts. The EvorA missions should take about 6-10 hours to complete in their default settings, so I've never tested the stability of the scripts after such a long uptime (theoretically nothing should go wrong). The mission should only reset when it is completed or when the server is restarted. All purchased equipment should remain purchased during a session (unless you are playing multiple EvorA sessions at once, but this will be fixed eventually). Vehicles get cleaned up unless they are kept at base. 2. I don't know, EvorA used the default BIS revive system and uses some variables from that (markers for example). There is also a custom hold-action healing functionality, which could interfere with added systems. There's a pretty big update coming "soon" for EvorA, so maybe wait for that.
  10. _array = "true" configClasses (missionConfigFile >> "Ex_DefaultShop");
  11. Sgt. Dennenboom

    How to Target Caller of Function

    I believe that init.sqf is ran after the object init fields, therefore "rifleman" is not defined when you execVM your script. For more info: Initialization Order
  12. Sgt. Dennenboom

    Can you run more than....

    Unscheduled scripts called from a scheduled environment such as the init.sqf are still in that scheduled environment. Your init.sqf therefore waits until "Scripts\MY_fnc_whatever.sqf" is finished before it continues with the sleep and with "Scripts\MY_fnc_whatever_2.sqf". If that first script takes a long time, you won't see the second script happening. If you want both scripts activated, spawn them instead: spawn compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "Scripts\MY_fnc_whatever.sqf"; sleep 1; spawn compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "Scripts\MY_fnc_whatever_2.sqf";
  13. Sgt. Dennenboom

    Adding ATGM from rhino to gorgon

    I believe you're going to need to mod the vehicle (although others may know more about it)
  14. Sgt. Dennenboom

    Adding ATGM from rhino to gorgon

    I believe the sensors are tied to the vehicle, not the weapon. The Gorgon therefore doesn't have a sensor display, which may also be the reason why it doesn't detect laser targets.
  15. Sgt. Dennenboom

    Merging Loot Piles

    You can combine loot piles ("GroundWeaponHolder"/"WeaponHolderSimulated") just fine, but you cannot specify the orientation of what's in it. Everything in a single container will be a single pile.