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  1. Sorry I am new to scripting and mission making. Do you know how can I change the value for individual jet? cmImmunity seems to be heavily involved in effectiveness of CM. ;)
  2. @oukej First, I would like to thank you guys for the continuous efforts that you guys put into the jets dlc. I enjoyed every Arma 3's DLC and platform update and I have to admit that jets DLC is my favorite so far. With that being said, my major concern to this DLC is that the way countermeasure works in the current game. Like many people already addressed, countermeasures in Arma 3 are generally too effective especially for high speed air superiority fighters. You can just spam the countermeasure key and easily dodge literally every single missile that either is coming on your face or on your tail. It is almost 100% effective as long as you are not in bad shape, such as in a stall or already being heavily damaged. How does that impact the gameplay? It makes A2A combat 90% of time a repetitive, predictable experience. A jet like F/A181 equips with 240 countermeasures in total, is capable of effectively dodging 24 AA/SAM missiles in 10-round burst. Another reason to nerf the countermeasure system is that you can easily dodge missiles by maintaining a good energy level in your maneuver. In fact, I would say it is much easier to outmaneuver incoming missile in Arma 3 than most people would call the casual shooter Battlefield 3. Here is me dodging 24 missiles fired from USS Freedom in about 2 minutes. Give a little practice everyone can do it with ease ;) Overall, I think we need some tweaks in countermeasure system, especially the one on jet. It is so effective that it literally deprives the complexity and future potential of Arma air combat. In addition, AA/SAM missile is already very easy to outmaneuver in most circumstances. Other than that, I believe this DLC will not only introduce a distinctive experience for players but also pave a solid foundation of air combat in future Arma games. Cheers! Iggy
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    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    I recorded this, I think the perfectly working countermeasures need to be nerfed, considering you can dodge AA/SAM missiles even with them. Currently, it is too difficult to shoot down a stealth jet.