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  1. Seems a mass of work I did a compromise It´seems that the Client can take, such a Mass of objects. I didn´t test it under high player conditions, but it seems to work We did it script based, by adding bushpositions to the forests, and spawn the objects clientside. If it works fine, i´ll let you guy´s know. Chernarus is a nice map, but this vegetation is so boring...
  2. Hi Guy´s I don´t know if thats the right channel for that, sorry if not I want to add some more bushes, trees and Vegetation to the Chernarus map. Shouldn´t be that big problem, but i´f you spawn 50k of bushes, theres a "little" increase of the serverperformance. Is there a way to solve that problem? I thought about, editing and exporting the whole Map as an extra Mod, but I don´t know if thats possible. Greets Tim