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  1. Hello guys, I will soon post a new topic to give you news of the Mafia Team Work Freemode completely rewritten and with new features. In the meantime, you can always follow us on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/MafiaTeamWork/ See you very soon!
  2. MTW_Der_Kroi

    Wear what you want

    Thx pierremgi for this function !
  3. Hi, would anyone ever know how to activate via script the new ambulance siren add with patch 1.92 ? Enabled beacons with BIS_fnc_initVehicle does not seem to work. Thank you
  4. MTW_Der_Kroi

    BIS respawn bug?

    Hello, in my case this bug only appears the first time of the day that I launch Arma O_o I wake up, I turn on the pc, launch Arma, I make a preview in MP, bug is there 1 time out of 3 (exactly like on the screenshots of Dlegion). I do Alt + F4, I restart Arma, I make a preview, no bug, everything works, until I restart pc ... Maybe these precisions can help.
  5. MTW_Der_Kroi

    [WIP] Los Santos map

    Hi Ninja, congratulation it's a very good map. Do you still work on it ?
  6. @HazJ - Thanks a lot. I learned to code with Arma and this mission, it explains a lot of mistakes. I'm entirely rewriting the mission since around a year, doing optimization, bug corrections or tweaks and deleting errors. I'm also automating multiple script I was doing by hand previously and preparing a Free Mode version available on a bigger part of the map, without error, I hope !
  7. Update 1.08 : Added : _ New PVAS algorithm (Parked Vehicle Auto Spawn) to make parked car appear/disappear in streets, synchronized with player vision. This allows server to handle way more parked vehicles on the map, without having to deal with high number of objects. _ Civilians can use those parked cars. _ New feature "Call Little Jacob": Little Jacob can now bring you weapons and ammunitions, available once you hit a certain score value. 4 levels of weaponry according to your score (values are still on test, feedbacks really help!). _ New feature "Call Ambulance": Once you reach a certain amount of points, you can now call it when you are downed but not dead. _ Cops/FBI/Army backup spawn script has been completely rewrote. New method makes them more responsive, and they will appear closer to objective. _ Complete overhault of pursuit AI algorithm (Cops/FBI/Army/Heli). More optimized, and better performances. _ Apex OffRoad MB 4WD (Jeep) added to parked vehicles, and presence increased in traffic. _ Updated Enigma Traffic script to version 1.6.1 _ Tourism planes and some boats added to ambient life, some using PVAS. _ New visual for Wanted level (HUD). _ New visual for info tips warning the player that he carry / drive objectives (HUD). _ IA in helicopters received new gear, and their behavior has been reworked. _ a ‘Hit Ticket’ ("Wounded 'player_name' " & "Wasted 'player_name' ") is displayed when you inflict damages to other players (Alpha implementation). _ An armed Qilin is now hidden somewhere on the map when a new game starts. Bug fixes : _ Destroy aircraft mission : In rare cases, hints informing players about the mission could appear twice. _ Pedestrians had troubles reaching their waypoints. _ Score manager was partialy bugged when you killed someone of destroyed some objects. _ Cops received instructions to stop overkill: they won't shoot anymore on empty cars after they neutralized it's bandit civilian driver, or on players after they downed/killed him. _ Repair offroad's vanilla gyro wasn't activating anymore in some cases. _ Traffic's civilians vehicles were not always following their waypoints in some cases. _ Police backups level 2 were not using the correct script in some situations. _ After a 'Bring Back Vehicle' mission, Wanted level 2 was working but not correctly displayed on player's HUD in some cases. _ Stars in Wanted level 4 were desynchronized. _ Rocks in Ghost Hotel were causing framerate loss when player was close. _ Fixed some translations in Objectives notifications. Tweaks : _ Ammos .45 or 5.56 stanag can be found in cars, depending on difficulty level. _ Reorganization of actions in player's action menu (mouse wheel). _ Wider variety of vehicles in traffic and parked vehicles. Van drivers now wear the right clothes according to the van type. _ 3D icons above friendly players are now more visible, and will be displayed from 1km instead of 450m. _ Bleeding time has been expanded to 2:30 min (instead of 1:45). _ Debug timer in mission 'Bring back the suitcase' reduced to 10min instead of 20min. _ All NPC Backup's arsenals were rebalanced. _ Police helicopter's behavior improved. _ Wanted level manager improvements. _ Script deleting some trees or broken walls has been optimized. _ Improved Police offroad texture weight (affects mission global size). _ Number of backup's vehicles reworked (for level 3, 4 and 5). _ Global optimisations, again and again... ------------------------------------------------------------ Update 1.08.01 : Added : _ Radio station in certain vehicles : You can now listen to music in Offroad ! 5 stations available but more will be added in a near future update. You can found a civilian vehicle with radio traveling on the map. Dedicated & JIP compatible. Bug correction : _ Wrong default ammunition in vehicles. _ Some ambulance action menu issues. Tweaks : _ Full re-writting of in vehicles radio station algorithm, full compatibility in MP, host, dedicated server and JIP. ------------------------------------------------------------ Update 1.08.02 : Bug correction : _ Can for Radio car source is now hidden. Tweaks : _ Change of command which allows to obtain the position of person whom the police must intercept. _ Clean up manager optimisation, it's more effective and use less CPU.
  8. MTW_Der_Kroi

    Soldier Tracker ( Map and GPS Icons )

    I tested in multiplayer Host, it works. Nice job :) No problem it's a pleasure. Thanks to you for the maintenance.
  9. MTW_Der_Kroi

    Soldier Tracker ( Map and GPS Icons )

    I will test the script in the week with friends. Thank you very much Quick. EDIT 01/03 : Works perfectly for the Host and the logged admin in dedicated server. Nice :) However, there is a problem when a player is in a vehicle. _On the map I see the icon of a unit on foot instead of the icon of a vehicle. _On the GPS I see both, icon on foot and icon of vehicle one overlaps the other. Tested in Player / Host and on dedicated server. Alone, without other players in both cases. I dont know if it concerns only our own icon (the icon of our character) or that of other players.
  10. MTW_Der_Kroi

    Soldier Tracker ( Map and GPS Icons )

    Hello fn_Quiksilver, do you have news about the next patch ?
  11. MTW_Der_Kroi

    Stopping Bleeding Out

    It's perfect ! Thank you very much Larrow.
  12. MTW_Der_Kroi

    Stopping Bleeding Out

    I search for this too, I have nothing for the moment :/
  13. Update 1.07.01 : Added : _ Wanted Level description is avaliable via map menu _ Panik animations for civilians in some situations. Bug correction : _ After previous patch, the 1st mission was always the same. Tweaks : _ In Parameters, some settings related to Debug mode and Missions selection have been renamed. _ In mission, "Research Level" becomes "Wanted Level". ------------------------------------------------------------ Update 1.07.02 : Added : _ New Police siren mecanic for random patrols. Bug correction : _ Random Police patrol wasn't active anymore after a mission envolving Wanted level 3-4-5. _ Fixed an issue with civilian car's horns. Tweaks : _ Added several script optimisations for proximity detection. _ Balanced the required conditions for Police helicopter crew dismounting. _ "Flip vehicle" action improvement. ------------------------------------------------------------ Update 1.07.03 : Added : _ Police patrol can now track civilians after car accident or after using guns. _ You can now encounter police patrol chasing criminals randomly in Katalaki Bay. _ Added an event where a tow truck is helping a civilian with a car problem. Can spawn in 50 different locations. _ Police offroad and tow truck now have a rotating light depending of time of the day. _ The projector and collision light of the police chopper are now on depending of the time of day. _ Torchlight for all players and police officers depending of time and day. _ New method for counting points when killing civilians and police officers. Bug Correction : _ A debug hint for the host got deleted. _ Lag bug global var. _ Animation of police officers at the precinct now works correctly. Tweaks : _ Enhanced car engine explosion. _ Healing takes less time. _ Optimization. _ Tweaked dedicated server bandwitch, performance much improved.
  14. MTW_Der_Kroi

    Soldier Tracker ( Map and GPS Icons )

    I dont use any mod. The first case appears if I create an MP Hosted (where client is also server, NO dedicated server). The second appears when I log admin on the dedicated server of the same mission. In both cases the GPS works but not the map. I hope this can help you, do not hesitate to ask me for details, I do what I can with Google Trad, sorry: / You can test the 2 cases on my mission in my signature. EDIT : My QS_icons.sqf configuration :