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    Signature Issues

    I'm not sure why it didnt work but I just reinstalled Arma 3 Tools and it worked fine. The reason why I was repacking and resigning was because I dont trust external keys and alot of the mods where not even signed in the first place.
  2. i eat yellow cake

    Signature Issues

    Bump. Still getting the issue. Repacked and Resigned all the mods twice now and still no difference.
  3. i eat yellow cake

    Signature Issues

    That is what I am already using, Sorry I got mixed up.
  4. i eat yellow cake

    Signature Issues

    Hey Everyone. I'm currently running a modded server and have signed all the mods we are using on the server with a newly generated key. Previously I enabled checkSignatures and whenever I joined a dialogue box would come up and tell me that the mods im using dont have the right key. So I put the .bikey inside the keys folder and now instead of bringing up the box and telling me what mods dont have the right key it just throws me out after a second with the message "Session Lost" the logs for the server and the client show nothing however when I do get session lost it tells me that I had a wrong signature inside the dedicated server. I have ran DS Check signatures and it comes out without a single error. What am I doing wrong?