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  1. Contrarian

    Vilas addons in A3 w.i.p.

    Pictures look good! Look forward to seeing more of your Arma2 stuff in Arma3! Brdm-1 and V150 would be especially welcome!
  2. didn't see it searching the thread but are any plans to make an M-48A5? The upgraded Pattons served for quite awhile from what I've read
  3. Contrarian

    Max Melee Weapons

    Some Rocks for Throwing would be good, sort of like a little grenade with a very small damage radius, maybe a chance to knock down.... not exactly melee but it would fit along the same theme as the rest of this mod...
  4. Contrarian

    CSLA Studio - A3 WIP

    Always liked driving those things til the Army decided to stop buying parts for them and they all just slowly wore down, when they worked tho there wasn't much better for offroad stuff!
  5. I've been getting this too, looking through the addon options thing I can't see where or how its would be turned on or off, it just doesn't work anymore since the most recent update, the most recent update also doesn't seem to recognize the version # of the latest steam version of cba, though using the version from armaholic seems to be recognized
  6. Contrarian


    Thank you, I did finally find that part but the mission still just immediately completes upon starting it. Is there an option I should be deselecting or something?
  7. Contrarian

    CSLA Studio - A3 WIP

    Awesome, especially looking forward to the cucv (is there an armed version with a pintle mount in back or at least maybe ffv?) and up-gunned brdm!
  8. Contrarian


    How do I change the parameters? the only place I see anything labelled parameters is on the briefing screen and that only lets me view what is or isn't enabled I don't see anyway to select anything..
  9. Agree on avoiding laser weapons for small arms etc. In the comic its somewhat more "realistic" than the cartoon and conventional firearms and heavy weapons are used in most cases. Plus it will be one less hurdle to overcome for the mod to implement them. Can't wait to try the mod out by the way! Looks like a blast!