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  1. I think the players should go to the vehicle and have the opportunity to kill the crew with a grenade. You go to, for example, the tank, use the action, your character climb on the tank (animation), open the Hatch (animation, threw a Grenade inside, jump down and the Grenade explode. The crew is dead and the vehicle has minimal damage. This script should already exist. The mission is FT-2 RHS but the scripts were downloaded from the server and is not avaliable in the mission file.... 😕 Anybody knows an Modder that creates such animations and would work together to create such script?
  2. Nice theme. anyone knows a script or something?
  3. Hey guys, i wanna teleport the playable Units (8 Slots - var name: p1-p8) to a marker. Each player should use the teleport action at a door and then be teleported to the marker with a fade in e.g. "Few moments later…" or something - and only the player that use the action should see the fade in thx for helping
  4. cutText ["XXXXXXX", "BLACK FADED"]; 10 fadeSound 1; 10 fadeMusic 0.5; sleep 5; player setPosATL getmarkerPos "t4"; titleCut ["", "BLACK IN", 5];
  5. i tried to teleport each player with p1 setPosATL getmarkerPos "XXXX"; Issue: if only 4 players are playing, then there is an script issue because for example p7 is not available i testing right now this code: player setPosATL getmarkerPos "X"; It works but i dont know if the code works with multiple players and if they see the fading text each time when the script is in use...
  6. Hey guys, i wanna make a little mp mission. I have 8 playable slots (no one is requested). I want to teleport the available players to the next mission after each side mission. But i dont know the conditions for my trigger. I cant use "p1 inArea trigger1 and p2 inArea trigger1" because i dont know how many slots are used. Maybe we have only 4 players or only 6....but all players should enter the trigger and activate the trigger. Sry for my english 😄 I hope you know what i mean... thx
  7. How can i add the advanced medical system (ace) ? I have tried to add the module in the mission but it doenst work... thx for your work!!!! ceep going