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  1. Which is kind of my point. We have no idea what we will see on Arma 4. My current feeling is telling me that they are shifting to a 'Scenario-like' gameplay instead of a mission one. Something more similar to Squad.
  2. The thing is, we don't know what is missing because we don't know the direction they are taking Arma 4. I have the right to not believe corporate speech and ethereal terms like "Arma spirit". I can trust open and direct words from actual people.
  3. Mission rotation is not a mission selection screen. A mission rotation system is just what games like Squad have. The admin setups an array of maps/missions that will be played in sequence. This is not what what I'm talking about. I already explained what is to be done. Just copy the behavior that was present in OFP, Arma 1, 2 and 3. I'll sumarize and you should see that this is not a "mission rotation feature": The server admin uploads missions to the MPmissions folder on the server machine. The server reads all missions inside this folder. In game, the admin can type #missions to present everyone connected with screen that lists the maps loaded and the missions available for each map: Players can vote for what mission they want to play or the admin can simply pick one.
  4. I wish I could agree with you. But they have not showed us any intention to make it. Such feature is really deep into the workings of the game and will require substantial effort. I honestly do not know if they can do it within the timeframe of Reforger, considering they are also working on fixing bugs and AI.
  5. Since we are not getting .dll extensions, a mod running on the server should be able to make use of the REST API. Reasoning: Enabling AAR tools like OCAP. https://github.com/OCAP2/OCAP
  6. Right now the mission is loaded from the server .json config. If you want to change missions you need to restart the server and edit the .json. This is completely counter-productive to any community that does not play "open gamemodes" like King of The Hill, Capture and Hold, Zeus/GM etc. Specially if you want to play in different maps. Literally we need the game to read a folder that will contain the missions and display them on a list in-game, so that the server admin can pick a mission. Exactly like we have in OFP, Arma 1, 2 and 3. An ideal solution would be to have a flag on the server .json config that would change the server to use a mission selection screen(OFP,A1,2,3 style) or keep the current system for Reforger(Scenario like). This is such a big deal for us that If this is not implemented I honestly don't see my community playing Arma 4.
  7. W-Cephei

    Prarie Fire discussion

    Can the devs release a quick tutorial on how to revert the main menu back to the vanilla? I mean, for an addon... what config class should I use and what properties should I change?
  8. I figured it out, it was because I forgot to setup the MIME types.
  9. I'm having troubles setting up a repository. The repository builds fine but the .zsync files are returning 404 even though we can see it listed if we access the URL with the mod files. The server is IIS. One thing I noticed is that the .zsync files created by Arma3Sync and files that I create manually have different owners. I can list and download the test.txt just fine. I can only list the mod.cpp.zsync. Any ideas?
  10. W-Cephei

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Is the T-14 in development? Is it safe to use it in a Player vs Player mission? How can I disable the debug messages and remove the unlimited hardkill?
  11. W-Cephei

    Error on 64-bit 0xC0000005

    People at United Operations have been affect by this issue for about 3 or 4 weeks now. It seems to be way too random to indicate a cause. Before the Hotfix 1.68 it used to cause mass crashes with a large portion of the people playing simultaneously. Now it is individual. Tried different mem allocs, no effect.