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  1. Yeah, we're using it mostly as something to keep people around in the servers. They are usually empty unless we have something ambient on for people to play with. So when I mentioned this as an alternative to what we once had, it was kinda the small light at the end of the tunnel. Also that is looking pretty good, it's been a while since I looked at what you had been doing with it.
  2. Yeah, if I can manage some time down the road to get them to work it'll be used on our heavier modpack. Because without HCs it can't handle even 10 players online. But so far so good. Even using ACE it only throws one or 2 errors upon mission start. However, we don't use their respawn system. So mostly just adding crate classnames to the dialogs for supports and such.
  3. Ah, cause I've found out the biggest issue with the way our server runs. We always run 2 HeadlessClients and locality changes a lot. Which has been messing with a lot of your work. However I have a feeling that we can run it without them due to the way most of the map is virtual.
  4. As I understand it, the mission is no longer being worked on. But are there any known reasons for the mission to not work on a dedicated server as opposed to being client hosted? I've been told numerous times that Dedicated servers operated differently, but I've grown quite confused as to why it would be.
  5. Beautiful! You're a saint!
  6. So, as long as we made sure you had the credit, I could modify WLA to better fit my ArmA3 'Light-Milsim' Group? Basically just changing a bit of the UI, probably the respawn system to use the updated Apex system, as well as other added functions for my group. Been really pushing to delve into a mission we could use for ambiance, however, all of our attempts have failed. And we would like to build on yours so long as you didn't mind. (Our licensing for mission content is APL-SA, so nothing we use needs to be paid for/donated to use. Any/all donations are strictly to keep paying for our server box).
  7. class textureSources { class LOGISTIC { displayName="LOGISTIC"; author="BSherb"; textures[]= { "LogisticChinook\skins\Heli_Transport_03_VSS.paa", "LogisticChinook\skins\Heli_Transport2_03_VSS.paa", "LogisticChinook\skins\Heli_Transport3_03_VSS_Glass.paa" }; factions[]= { "BLU_F" }; }; }; So, in this case, I'm trying to replace the glass with a specific texture I have devised. However, nothing changes at all. Not even a different texture that I didn't mean to change. Instead, it seems to ignore the glass and only do the regular exterior of the Huron. Am I putting my textures in the wrong order, am I missing something crucial that prevents certain changes? (If there is a specific order things need to be in where can I find said order?)
  8. Brian Sherbino

    Texture Modding Addon

    Scratch that, can't figure out how to delete my post for the life of me, but I found a way to reskin everything.
  9. Brian Sherbino

    Texture Modding Addon

    I'll try to be as simple as possible. Without having to completely remodel the chinook from in game, I'd like to be able to add another variant that is re-skinned as a new vehicle (or at least acts like a separate vehicle, and not a skin added through the mission file). I've managed to get all of the .paa files edited to my liking, as well as a basemod that currently houses my communities content. However, I have no clue how to implement the new skins into the mod so that Arma 3 will recognize said files, and create a new vehicle within Zeus/3den. So, clarification recap: Just a vehicle skin addition On a separate vehicle with a new name