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  1. JMAlejandro

    Whats happened to this community

    I just want to add some points here. I wonder why you're blaming Steam for some community issues. I think the thread starter is just stereotyping or has a bad experience when it comes to the service of steam itself. You better talk to the administrator for some improvements on the forum rules and since you are also a member, perhaps better try to post interesting information and reviews as such. When it comes to Arma 3 game, well you better change your choice preference when it comes to online games and try to give it a review then post it in the Steam community.
  2. JMAlejandro

    New merchandise stuff

    It would be nice to see it on shirts with hoodie. I'll be guessing, many would want that specially the young adults wherein it seems like they are the age group who are really fond playing online games. Sign me up, but I'm already an adult who likes playing it fairly well. Lol.
  3. JMAlejandro

    Best gaming laptop under $1,000 ?

    Hey, guys, I am wondering if someone knows here what will be the best laptop for under $1,000 for gaming? I was trying to check this 10 laptops under $1,000 but it's hard to make up a decision. HP have nice hardware but it is not a gaming company like ASUS. Has anyone experience with heavy 4K games in this budget? Thanks !
  4. JMAlejandro

    Gift a copy to my brother?

    I also had a copy of Arma3 which was originally owned by my brother. I just burn it to DVD. I also had a GTA5 copy, it pretty works well.
  5. JMAlejandro

    Advanced Train Simulator (ATS)

    It looks good to me. It seems like very realistic and good graphics as well. Good job.
  6. JMAlejandro

    Error when purchasing app

    Issues like this are inevitable. Patience is the key here.
  7. JMAlejandro

    Free Games

    my bad. I did not saw the date. newbie here.
  8. JMAlejandro

    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Well, i think Bioware has made minor improvements to the general feel of combat especially when it comes to dash ability and the jump jet, which sometimes has a lagging issue but as for today's version, it improve fluidity. The jump jet allows players to make use a minor jetpack burst in order for it to reach higher locations and allows more better explorations and shootouts.
  9. JMAlejandro

    Free Games

    really? then better hurry up. But i think, only for those 1000 subscriber or least.
  10. JMAlejandro

    new game in arma style

    great idea. Hope to see an update in BI with regards to it. Maybe some upgrade with the game Arma perhaps.
  11. Maybe you need to update first your laptop or pc. Sometimes, there's an issue on internet connection when you were not able to update the setting in your laptop. If it does not work, better to contact your broadband provider.