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  1. CPL. Jeros

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Ah, my apologies, I misunderstood you :) In trying to isolate this issue, I've been doing a lot of take-offs with a HC3 32 and a full load of BAF infantry, with stress damage enabled. A specific to the Merlin on lift-off (at least one that I'm experiencing), is that it almost immediately gains 5kph forward speed and turns to the right slightly. Being very gentle with the throttle stick and applying very gentle input on X and Y axes to keep it as close to directly vertical, as possible, I've also been able to ascend to 500m without issues. When being a bit less gentle in correcting drift in the initial 10 seconds after takeoff, while RPM indicator is red, breaks it. For kicks, and while writing this post, I've just sat into an empty HC3 32, went to 50% on throttle, stabilized it while hovering at 0m, then pushed throttle to 100% hard, RPM indicator went red while the heli started asending, I jiggled the flight stick left and right a bit, and the rotor snapped. It seems my previous theories about weight to power ratios were perhaps a bit unfounded, looks like the critical failure we're experiencing happens due to sudden pitch/yaw corrections during overspeed/tach desync (engine and rotor RPM not aligned = red RPM indicator). And that the Mohawk airframe/model is just more fragile than others.
  2. CPL. Jeros

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    I did not conduct any tests with Stress Damage being disabled, I'll check.
  3. CPL. Jeros

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Hello, I'm back, and I've ran some tests with the vanilla CH-49 Mohawk and compared it to the BAF Merlin 32. Game parameters: - AFM (stress damage ON, auto-trim ON, Wind Effects ON) - Mods: CBA, and all BAF mods Assets: - BAF Merlin HC3 32 - AAF CH-49 Mohawk - BAF Navy Woodland Infantry, Section A (8-man squad) - NATO infantry, Assault Squad (8-man squad) Using the vanilla infantry presented a lot less stress on either airframe, most notably on the Merlin HC3 32. The Merlin was unable to lift a full load of BAF infantry (31+pilot) reliably, as soon as it reached approx 10m altitude (presumably out of ground effect) the main rotor simply broke. With a full load of NATO infantry, the Merlin was able to ascend to any altitude, with a maximum rate of ascent @5m/s, either with, or without autohover. It did experience catacstrophic main rotor failure when performing a slow turn with no rudder input, at 150kph and 45 degree bank into the turn. Pulling back on the flight-stick to where the Flight Path Marker was offset from the crosshair by approx. -5 degrees broke the main rotor. The CH-49 Mohawk with NATO infantry loaded served as the benchmark for the test, it performed without incident during take-offs (max RoA 12m/s), and speeds in excess of 200kph were required to induce damage to the airframe through maneuvering. Loading it with BAF infantry reduced the RoA to 11m/s, perhaps negligible, perhaps an indicator of weight difference between BAF and NATO infantry loadouts. All in all, I have to admit, I'm getting the feeling that the engine power and weight characteristics used for the vanilla CH-49 Mohawk were not adjusted for the 24 and 32 seater versions of the Merlin, and the extra 14 people loaded on the 32-seater push it to the limit of what its engine can produce. Fiddling with the infantry faction loaded onto the heli, in my opinion, reveals that the slightly heavier BAF loadouts push the Merlin 32 seater right to the very limit of what it can lift, while the lighter NATO infantry loadouts give it just enough leeway to fly. Since the CH-49 is an 18 seater, changing the infantry loaded into it does next to nothing, as the added weight is still well within normal operating parameters.
  4. CPL. Jeros

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Thank you UK_Apollo for your effort and time, I will re-run as you suggested and try to narrow it down by using more vanilla assets in the experiment. I'll post my findings here regardless.
  5. CPL. Jeros

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Hello, My outfit has been using all your BAF mods for quite a while now, and I would firstly like to thank your for the excellent and impressive work you guys have done so far. Now, on to the meat of my post: my outfit uses AFM exclusively for rotary needs, with stress damage ON, and we're running into issues with fully loaded Merlin 24s and 32s, where main engine power and main rotor toughness cannot handle the load. A fully loaded Merlin 24 will maybe manage to get 10m off the ground before snapping the main rotor right off, while the Merlin 32 at 100% throttle barely manages to lift its wheels off the ground. I haven't seen any other posts about this issue, figured I'd ask about it, before we go customizing it on our own. Should be easily reproducible, our AFM settings allow for stress damage, wind effects, and enhanced damage from rough landings, while manual trim is disabled. Load a Merlin 24 or 32 with the corresponding number of AI soldiers and just attempt a normal lift off. I am curious if this issue is specific to our own special coctail of mods, or if anyone else has the issue as well.