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  1. I'm seeing this as well. For example, the warlords (US)04w server has 1,067,260 vote time remaining as of when I am posting this. Several of the servers are stuck in this mode.
  2. Hi All, I'm looking for a mil-sim unit (small to medium, large if it is very well run) to join composed of serious (or at least mostly-serious) active players who still understand this is a game above all else. I am all for training, ranks, hierarchies, and all other aspects of mil-sim, but I'm not looking to go online and get screamed at by a pretend drill instructor. Inside voices and mutual respect between all players are just fine. I have 1200+ hours of experience in Arma 3 and more than thrice that in MMO RP guild leadership experience. I am also pretty good at creating campaign arcs (drawing from my 13+ years as a DM) and have moderate experience making and running Zeus missions for a small MP group. I was a member of the 173rd for a few months and loved my time and experiences there, but my schedule doesn't work for an east-coast based group. In addition to the above, I'm looking for a group based on pacific time, that is friendly, takes the game and mil-sim seriously, tries to use military tactics/strategy to overcome obstacles, and that is active. I personally don't enjoy or use profanity, so a group that at least tries to keep it down is also preferable. Also, I am someone's husband and father so Arma is not my only commitment in life, though I am willing to make it a major one. So far I have not found any west-coast groups that match the above, but if one is out there, I hope they see this post. If not, and if there is at least one or two others out there looking for the same, I am open to and interested in putting in the time, attention to detail, and effort to make such an Arma group. Either way, please send me a PM here or in Steam under the same name. I am very interested in hearing from units or individuals. Thanks!