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  1. Please don't play WLA with ACE mod. They are not so compatible afaik.
  2. Hi all Dear SaOK thanks for your great mission, I have few suggestions if you want to read. 1) I'm running Arma 3 1920x1080 resolution with Small Interface and RHS mod. Shift+1 menu is just too small (for RHS mod at least), I cant read some items' (some weapon names in buy menu, at least one in Related Magazines, and a lot in Container item lists) ~%30 of description. Please resize WLA Menu if possible. 2) Please add detailed tabs to *every* item list(both buy and equipt menu) in Customize Gear option. Seperate ammo, attachments and explosives tabs; different tabs for armored and unarmored head gear, cloth and vest; different tabs for empty backpacks and full backpacks (dismantled weapon parts/UAVs/Camp Equipement etc) if possible. 3) If possible please add a "checkbox" for "Show only supported attachments and ammos for selected weapon" option while equipping and buying weapons. 4) If possible please give us an option to sell our unused equipenets and vehicles for extra prestige. You can even create a mission related to "sell things to arms/vehicle dealer" missions (a Mission which can sometimes lead to enemy ambushes and sometimes lead to"a dealer who don't want to pay for items" missions) if you like. And a Bug: "Y"(auto gether) button can't recognise attachments on weapons. Thanks and sorry for my English. Edit_1: Correction: I use very small interface size, sorry for misinfo.