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  1. Version 1.1.38 is now available on Steam. The update adds two new version for the Fuchs, the Infantry-Milan and the medic version.


    Version 1.1.38
    - Addes Fuchs 1A4 Infantry Group-Milan
    - Addes Fuchs 1A4 Medic Vehicle
    - Added a function to let players only enter vehicles if the doors/hatches are open (player has to open doors/hatches manually. Changing seats inside while doors are closed is no longer possible)
    - Added Fuchs mountable rotating beacon (Commander can assemble and disassemble while turned out, Driver and Co-Driver can turn on and off)
    - Added Marder "EngineMOI" PhysX parameter 
    - Fixed, set launching positions for Marder smokegrenades on the correct position
    - Removed stabilization for Marder maingun
    - Changed, MG3 closeShot sound
    - Changed german displayname "Beschussschild" -> "Beschussklappe"
    - Changed position for Marder gunner to enter the vehicle to the rear ramp (rear ramp has to be open for entering)
    - Tweaked Fuchs Gearbox so it will not stuck at 30 km/h at normal acceleration (W)
    - Tweaked Marder Gearbox a bit
    - Tweaked Marder engine parameters a bit

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  2. 4 hours ago, runy888 said:

    Looks amazing! I like that the medic (that's what Sanitater means right?) seats are classifed as gunners rather than passengers, that should prevent ACE from loading unconscious people on those seats and choose the passenger one instead, right?

    One question though, why does the passenger sit on the stretcher? Is that a paceholder animation or is it not possible to use the laying animation for this?
    As has already been stated, those lights look insane ;D

    Thank you, that's correct. There is a simple reason why the passangers are sitting, it is because you can put four unconscious people in the Fuchs when they are sitting and just one if he is laying

  3. 37 minutes ago, runy888 said:

    The interior of the medevac Fuchs is even better than I'd hoped it to be :P


    Maybe you can add the Open Ramp action to the command menu that appears when you select the driver and press 6?

    Exactly what I wanna do. Maybe I can overhaul more userActions ,so they will appear in the AIs command menu. Next version of the Fuchs will have the same function. You can only access the vehicle if the doors are open. I think we can handle this with giving the action to the AI, too.

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  4. We are proud to present the Fuchs 1A4 infantry and engineer vehicle in its final version. Downlaod via steam:






    Redd'n'Tank Vehicles 1.1.25

    Version 1.1.25
    - Added Fuchs 1A4 Infantry Group
    - Added Fuchs 1A4 Engineer Group
    - Added new PhysX parameters to Marder
    - Added some MG3 mid and distance sounds from BW-Mod (Thanks to Ironie)
    - Added 500 rounds MG3 magazines
    - Fixed Marder tracks can now be repaired via ACE3
    - Changed, Marder maingun is now stabilized in all axes
    - Changed, Marder countermeasures moved to commander
    - Changed the spelling of all folders to lower case
    - Changed MG3 tracercount
    - Changed Redd_smokeLauncher.sqf so it will work for vehicles without turrets
    - Changed SoundShaders for MG3
    - Tweaked Marder engine parameters

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  5. 19 hours ago, c0rax said:

    looks nice, but those wheels stand out as distinctly flat, could do with a stronger normal or just left them at the higher poly version from before. With the higher vert limit for A3 this should be somewhat attainable. Out curiosity what are you using for texturing this Ps or  a Paint on application? 

    Tank is using substancepainter

  6. On 5.10.2017 at 5:56 PM, mindbl4ster said:

    if you subscribed to the steamwrokshop content you can get it there. but i do think the release of the tpz fuchs is unintended.

    but still looking forward to drive the fully functional fuchs ;)

    Yes, of course XD. I accidentelly released it in WIP state on steam by not deleting the .pbo befor uploading the mod. Blame me. I removed it later, but everybody how has it now have fun driving with the Fuchs :)

  7. Updated to Version 1.0.5

    After rebuilding the Geo LOD, GeoPhysX LOD and the FireGeo LOD I could fix the issues below, also it is now possible to shoot or throw grenade through the opened rearramp


    Version 1.0.5

    - Fixed issue where crew can get killed by small arms from outside of the vehicles, now it is possible to shoot or throw grenades through the rearramp

    - Fixed missing modelpart

    - Fixed missing track animation



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