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  1. Redd'n'Tank wishes a Merry Christmas.

    Our litte present this year will be the SpPz 2A2 "Luchs".

    We want to say thanksy to all supporters an the whole community, you are great.




    Version 1.7.142
    - Added SpPz 2A2 "Luchs"
    - Changed Fuchs now spawnes with closed Bullet Shield
    - Changed M120 reloadtime
    - Fixed bug where wolf wouldn't be refueled after removing the camonet
    - Fixed Wolf slingload points where to low, so Wolf tends to turn on the roof while slingloading 
    - Fixed added missing TI textures to Wolf
    - Fixed added missing TI textures to Wiesel MK20
    - Fixed added missing TI textures to all damage and destruct materials
    - Fixed model issue with marder commander hatch and milan
    - Tweaked all vehicles PhysX
    - Tweaked all functions (Thx to commy2) 

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  2. 15 minutes ago, tourist said:

    THX 4 sharing; I just love the way you keep up the top-notch quality and go one vehicle at a time - I look forward to use the Boxer in recreations of the last years of the Afghanistan Mission where for a short time the BW actually had some heavier assets at their disposal.    Since I play these misions alone vs. AI in an ALIVE-Mission, I'd like to know if the MG of the Boxer will be "human player only" like with the Fuchs or useable by an AI crew. 


    Best Regards & keep posting the pics!

    Unfortunatly also "human player only"

  3. On 6.11.2018 at 5:22 PM, Knight81 said:

    Sorry but this doesn't work. I have placed an empty Wolf and turned on the Light and Beacons with a trigger. Both turns on but without the nice effect. When I'm moving into this car I have the option to turn on the Rundumleuchte although it's already on.


    Any other idea?


    Ok its a bit more then just "turn on the light" ^^


    For the orange beacon, put in init line (a unit hast to be on driver seat):

    this animate ['Hide_Rundumleuchte_rot',0];this animate ['Hide_Rundumleuchte_glass_2',0];this animateSource ['Hide_Rundumleuchte_fuss', 0];(driver this) action ['lightOn', this];this animate ['BeaconsStart_2',1];this animate ['orangelicht_an',1];this animate ['orangelicht_an_flare',1]

    For the blue beacon, put in init line (a unit hast to be on driver seat):

    (driver this) action ['lightOn', this];this animate ['BeaconsStart',1];this animate ['blaulicht_an',1];this animate ['blaulicht_an_flare',1];


  4. On 15.11.2018 at 6:24 PM, Purzel said:

    Great Mod,
    unfortunatly I found it just yesterday!

    A little question:
    How do i set the wolfs flag-texture?
    the action menu offers blue/green/red flags, but instead of each color only a white flag appears (but we will never surrender ;-) ).
    How do I get the right coler and can I set my own flagtexture?

    I tried:


    this forceFlagTexture "pictures\flag_fas.paa";      // this will spawn the white flag itself at the car / even with a spawned flag it isnt possible to use the action-menu to set a blue/green/red flag...
    this setflagtexture "pictures\flag_fas.paa";           // this will do nothing


    Flagtexture is present in "pictures"-folder, but nothing happened. Still a white flag!
    I didn´t found anything about that... Would you please help me with that issue?

    Greetz Purzel


    Hey the actionmenu works fine. Of course you can set a different flag with "forceFlagTexture", but this has nothing to do with the actionmenu, it just uses the same proxy. Dont know but you do something wrong, as i said woks fine for me



  5. On 27.9.2018 at 6:39 PM, Knight81 said:

    Awesome work! Do you know how I can activate the "Rundumleuchte" of the Wolf with a script / trigger?


    This code activates the "Rundumleuchte" but unfortunatly without your cool bright light-effects (it just blinks very dark).

    this animate ["BeaconsStart",1];

    Thank you!


    Hey there, tis is because you have to turn on the light. Actually the "cool bright light-effects" is nothing more than a rotating front light on the roof ^^

  6. Some minor fixes, thx for all the reports:


    Version 1.6.129
    - Added "Toggle MILS" function to M120 Tampella
    - Added warhead type "TandemHEAT" from Tanks DLC to TOW and Milan
    - Changed moved all strings in one stringtable in main pbo
    - Changed adjusted Fuchs wheels hitpoint parameters
    - Fixed added missing TFAR radios to Wolf driver, co-driver and medic seat
    - Fixed Wolf clan sign is now connected to rear door 
    - Fixed missing military police sign in Wolf military police version distance LODs
    - Fixed missing proxies for large winter camonet in Wolf cargo LOD and distance LODs
    - Fixed Wolf flipped clan sign
    - Fixed missing Wolf versions to zeus
    - Fixed Gepard flipped clan sign
    - Fixed missing mortar ammoboxes to zeus
    - Fixed typo in "Anti-Aircraft" editor subclass

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  7. The Wolf is out now and it comes  with his littel 120mm friend:

    Redd'n'Tank Vehicles - Version 1.6.116

    LKW leicht gl "Wolf"
    - Woodland, desert and winter camo
    - ViV transportable
    - Slingloadable
    - Each version can be covered with a small and a large camo net to make it harder for the AI to spot the vehicle (Vehicle cannot drive with large camo net)
    - Each version has animated doors
    - Each version has animated windows
    - Each version has a removable cover
    - Each version has the "forceFlagTexture" ability
    - Each version has animated antennas
    - Commanding and mortar version have mountable rotating beacons
    - Medic and MP version have rotating blue lights
    - Mortar version has M120 Tampella in its cargo

    M120 Tampella
    - M120 can be assembled and disassembled
    - Custom ammoboxes for each ammo type (To work with ACE)
    - ACE compatible
    - "forceFlagTexture" ability

    Version 1.6.116
    - Added LKW leicht gl "Wolf" as command version, mortar carrier, medic vehicle and military police version
    - Added M120 Tampella mortar
    - Added a third B.O. lights option to all vehicles, now you can turn on the front and the rear B.O. lights at the same time
    - Added mountable beacon for Marder and Gepard (Commander can assemble and disassemble when turned out, driver can turn on and off)
    - Added the "forceFlagTexture" ability to all vehicles. Flags can be set by user action, from commander when turned out or from outside of the vehicle, depening on the flag position
    - Added missing editor pre pictures
    - Added turretstick animations to Marder and Gepard
    - Added Milan backpacks ui pre images
    - Added missing shortnames for ACRE2 racks
    - Added some Japanese translations (Thanks to classic)
    - Added missing Marder indicators (speed,rpm,fuel and custom)
    - Added textured emitted front lights to all vehicles
    - Added cover for periscope mirrors to all vehicles
    - Added muzzle flash to all vehicles
    - Added animated antennas to Marder, Gepard, Wiesel MK20 and Wiesel TOW
    - Added animated cover for cartridge belt ejection to Gepard
    - Readded roadway LOD to Marder, Fuchs and Gepard to stand on top of the vehicles
    - Changed 35mm sound
    - Changed MG3 sound
    - Changed Fuchs engine sound
    - Changed exterior periscope mirror texture to a glass texture for all vehicles
    - Changed some crew animations
    - Changed the front B.O. lights for all vehicles, now they have a small light cone instead of just emitted faces
    - Changed frontlight flare position for all vehicles
    - Changed beacon flares for all vehicles
    - Changed proxies for light cones to all vehicles, now they point more downwards
    - Changed classnames for static Milan backpacks
    - Fixed missing holes in MG3 Barrel
    - Fixed wrong Fuchs PI commander turned in position
    - Fixed wrong Fuchs Medic cargo turned in positions
    - Fixed custom indicator animations to work in MP
    - Fixed wrong Marder texture in Gepard model

    Download it via :


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  8. 3 minutes ago, runy888 said:

    Amazing work! Will the patients actually lie down on the stretcher this time? :P

    Thanks for your effort guys!

    Im happy to say, one of them will actually lie on the strecher. Unfortunatly there is only space for two passengers beside the driver and the medic, but one will defidnetly lie down

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