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  1. Changelog:
    Version 1.12.171
    - Changed building small and large camonet is now a driver user action, if large camonet has been deloyed the engine of the vehicle turns off and will only start again when large camonet is undeloyed again
    - Changed resized the stand for the trenches (it's larger now)
    - Updated japanese translation
    - Changed name from "Light Truck gl "Wolf"" to "LKW leicht gl "Wolf""
    - Fixed M120 Tampella will work again with ACE reload (Not with the new csw feature)
    - Fixed Fuchs San and Wolf San are now be recognized as a vehicle where soldiers can heal (Vanilla)
    - Fixed GMW and MG3 ammoboxes are no longer recognized as medickits
    - Fixed large camonet on Marder is now removeable again
    - Fixed removed "topdown" mode from all Milan and TOW weapons on all vehicles 

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  2. 20 hours ago, Knight81 said:

    Hey guys. Is there a known bug with the MG3 ammo since the last version? If we take this ammo from Arsenal it will be converted automatically to medic stuff?!

    Hey there, we are aware of this bug and it has already been fixed in our dev branch. Update is comming soon

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  3. We are made somthing for you 🙂


    Version 1.12.161

    - Added Trench Modules

    - Fixed some .rpt errors in terms of wrong animations

    - Fixed an .rpt error in terms of an double stringtable entry

    - Updated Mantis ammo count to 2x 252 rounds

    - Updated turretInfoType for MG3 on Fuchs, Wiesel TOW, Luchs, 5t, 7t and 10t








    The trench modules are as follows and can be putted together by your needs:



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  4. Changelog:
    Version 1.11.157
    - Addes static GMW and static GMW - AI
    - Changed function for large camo nets, the function will no longer set the fuel of the vehicle to 0
    - Changed rnt_ace_compatibility.pbo moved to addons folder, if you dont play with ACE, just delete it
    - Updated japanese translation



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  5. Version 1.10.154
    - Addes static MG3 and static MG3 - AI
    - Fixed typo in stringtable.xml

    Static MG3 and Static MG3 - AI and 
    - Both versions can be assembled and disassembled
    - Both versions have three different heights which can be adjusted via the action menu
    - Both versions can be turned left or right via the action menu
    - The non AI version has only one magazine at the same time. It needs MG3 ammo boxes. In this ammo boxes are the MG3 100 rounds belts.
    player needs the MG3 100 rounds belt in his inventory to reload the non AI version. MG3 ammo boxes can be carried in backpacks
    - The AI version can be reloaded like a regular vanilla static weapons and has 10 MG3 100 rounds belt
    - To find the boxes search in your Eden editor under empty for "MG3"


    Thx to Reimchen for the screenshot
    Thx to Corben for help with the ammobox functionality



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  6. 18 minutes ago, runy888 said:

    That looks pretty amazing! Looking forward to enjoying yet another of your high quality assets.

    One question about that: do you plan on implementing a similar system with the MG3 tripod as Iron Front did? They managed to make the machine gun available as primary weapon as long as it is not mounted on the tripod (launcher slot) and also made it use the same ammunition in both mounted and unmounted state. Pretty neat concept, I think.

    No, because of the lack of knowledge about primary weapons it will be only a static weapons

  7. Version 1.9.153
    - Added LKW 5t mil gl KAT I transport and fuel
    - Added LKW 7t mil gl KAT I transport and ammunition
    - Added LKW 10t mil gl KAT I repair
    - Added rnt_ace_compatibility.pbo if you want to play vanilla leave it where it is
    when playing with ACE3 copy it and the key to the addons folder to the rest of the pobs otherwise some functions may not work correctly
    - Added new editor subclass "Cars" and moved "Wolf" to "Cars"
    - Fixed issue with Fuchs glass
    - Fixed issue with Wolf glass


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  8. Redd'n'Tank Vehicles Version 1.7.149

    - Added the ability to use a binocular in the "climp up" turret to all vehicle commanders
    - Added a black base texture to all wreck models
    - Added new turned out animations for all Fuchs middel hatches
    - Added camonets to all vehicles (at least one net, either the small or the large one, some will have both)
    - Updated Japanese translations (Thanks to classic)
    - Adjusted "threat", "audible" and "camouflage" values of some vehicles 
    - Fixed flipped clan sign on Luchs



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  9. 23 hours ago, alessiomoreno said:

    Awesome work as per usual from you guys 😉


    I always wondered - does your MILAN use the 'new' HEAT/ Tandem-HEAT simulation?


    Looking forward to your next update!

    And thanks for all the work!



    class Redd_Milan_AT: M_Titan_AT
      canLock = 0;
      irLock = 0;
      airLock = 0;
      laserLock = 0;
      nvlock = 0;
      manualControl = 1;
      maxControlRange = 3000;
      maxSpeed = 270;
      thrustTime = 2;
      fuseDistance = 65;
    class Redd_TOW_AT: Redd_Milan_AT
      maxControlRange = 4000;


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