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  1. Sir Nutty Walrus

    Mikero's Dos Tools

    Hi im having an issue with pboProject when im trying to export my map in arma, its the only error ive received and the config is not the problem neither is the layers config. Anyways a error pops up saying the following I think its probably the p drive but not sure, any help thanks!
  2. Is there a way to still have the server running, even when you turn off your computer
  3. I recently have set up the required ports, and they are open. But when I set up the server even with UPNP checked I keep seeing my server always in LAN and never in Internet, and cant invite my friend to join my server. Any help will be appreciated.
  4. Sir Nutty Walrus

    ZAM - Zulu-Alpha Modifications

    Hello, I recently downloaded your mod. So once I loaded the mod and started the game a message shows up saying zam.hpp not found. I look at the folder and its there. help.
  5. Sir Nutty Walrus

    Pulling Rank Icon From Configfile?

    Can yu just copy and paste a one of the scripts so i can have a better under standing
  6. Sir Nutty Walrus

    Pulling Rank Icon From Configfile?

    In player do I put in the variable name or what and in the texture part I put in the past but when I hit enter it brings up and error box BTW thanks for the quick response
  7. Sir Nutty Walrus

    Pulling Rank Icon From Configfile?

    Hold on, im confused ccan someone help me out?
  8. Sir Nutty Walrus

    Ranking system?

    I kind of see what your saying but confused at the same time. You want a Army or Marine ranking system but not like Battlefield or cod ranking system, your asking for a system where it shows one XP and skill level and teamwork, and it will takes days to achieve the rank/level. First off no one wants to show how much XP the have, they want to show what rank they have. And I'm confused when you say skill level explain that a little bit more please. And then to show teamwork, i think Invade and annex has a system for that. BTW THATS F***ING OFFENSIVE SAYING ABOUT ADHD PEOPLE, BECAUSE I HAVE ADHD.
  9. Ok I did that now it's not show UPNP failed but it still won't show in internet
  10. A nd what ports exactly........ And thanks for the info
  11. How did you setup your UPNP?
  12. ,I've set up the udp in windows firewall and my router is it also required in out bound and so what ports same?
  13. So far it's a pain for setting it up because, every net gear video I find is not the same version as mine.