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  1. Thanks for getting back to me. Yeh the 50 was a bit out of spite after trying a few "realistic" values... The in-game config accurately shows the changes, i'm just unsure whether I'm hitting the right inherited class (hence the funky try outs with CderOptics, weapon manual, etc.). Is there a hard-coded minimum value for Rotation speed on turrets? *Shrugs*
  2. Sorry to necro a thread, new poster here... I'm looking to modify a staticWeapon as well; I want to increase it's rotation max speed. I've looked into and changed a few parameters already (animPeriod, maxHorizontalRotSpeed, inertia, dexterity), but none seem to change how sluggish the aim is moving. Here's what I have so far: Sorry if it seems obvious, I'm very new to modding.