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    Pilgrimage Ported Variations

    I played the Taunus mission last night for a while. Started out through the trees to investigate a nearby town. I found there was a specific tree (bright dark green, low) that would appear very blocky and pixelated until getting very close to it. all other vegetation seemed fine. Like the new look of the buildings but I guess I don't have a good enough rig for the best graphics. Found some nice gear and a gas station so I went back and got the jeep to refuel it. I like the Incognito aspect while the medic and I were in the jeep. Also loving the Enhanced movement for the ability to get different vantage points and also freeing up my hands (seems to run faster). Haven't run into any AI yet but I will tonight as I travel to search the first church. Nice work, looking forward to tonight and playing longer. Cheers!