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  1. Hi, Yes, where you look through the targeting pod under the plane with a X hair reticle that also provides lock indicator. You can also zoom in the targeting pod. I've checked key bindings; they are not the issue. No mods are loaded and I am in single player. Thanks for responding.
  2. Jets DLC appears to be influencing flight controls when using the Targeting Window (TW). After establishing consistent level flight, If you move the TW from back of plane to mid-point under the plane while looking through the TW, for example, the plane will increase/decrease altitude depending on where you move the TW. If you then continue to move the TW and zoom in as you fly away from the target, for example, the increase/decrease in altitude is much more pronounced to the point of absurdity. This happens without touching any other control. No plane flies like this in reality. I am using only the keyboard controls and have disabled flight controllers such as, stick, pedals, throttle block. I am also testing in single player on an Editor map of Altis and flying in either the Warthog or F-18. No mods are loaded. As I see it the view port activity for the TW should have zero influence on pitch, roll, yaw. I'm not an ARMA dev however, I am a software engineer so, I will understand any technical discussion. I'm looking to understand the pipeline if this problem may be in the Jets DLC, ARMA 3 API library or even in the game engine or some combination of any/all of these elements. I've reported this more than once to BI. They've asked me to try this issue without using controllers which I have done today. The problem still happens. I haven't reported this test to them as I'm tired of them telling me what they cannot do. They keep telling me they cannot reproduce the problem despite the data logs, steps to reproduce the problem and even several screenshots of the problem occurring, step by step so they can see exactly what I am doing and when. I don't know if I can get access to the code bases. If I had the code I would just fix this thing. Has anyone seen this problem or something like it? I'm all ears to hear. Thanks.