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    AI Speed Limiter Script/Mod

    Dang, I'm purposely trying to limit the speed of a PBR. Oh well. I'll keep lookin'. Thank you for the reply. Best, Odd
  2. Oddball-47 Ronin

    AI Speed Limiter Script/Mod

    Skanda, did you ever receive an answer to this? I'm trying to limit the max speed of a PBR in a mission I'm making, but can't get any of the speed setting commands to work on it. (It's player controlled.) Regards, Odd
  3. Oddball-47 Ronin

    "The Night Tigers" - An Unsung Vietnam Coop Mission

    Thanks a ton, Flying Pig. Fixed it. Best, Odd
  4. Gents, version update to : 1.63 I've uploaded what I think is a pretty cool mission to the Steam Workshop. (Couldn't connect to Armaholic's website to FTP it there. Coop: recommended 2-4 players (will allow 9) Requirements: ArmA 3 Unsung Vietnam War mod, CBA_A3, Apex DLC April, 1967. You are part of a MACV SOG team which has been ordered to locate and destroy several NVA AA guns in the "Muah Quah" area of operations located on Doung Island of the Rung Sat Special Zone, Vietnam. Mission features: (1) the ability to respawn at one of three points in the event the player(s) suffer any misfortunes in the field. ( Make sure you spawn at HQ initially.) (2) Highly immersive soundtrack which lends itself well to the eerie movement through the waterways and jungle. (3) Numerous sound effects add to the atmosphere. (4)Full arsenal availlable to kit out with; both at Headquarters and Outpost Kable and scattered throughout the map. (Look for U.S. ammo crates in and around enemy installations and emplacements.) ( Bring LOTS of flares; you're gonna need 'em) (5) On call artillery fire support. (Accessed via the "0" (ZERO) key at the top of your keyboard. Scroll wheel options availlable after that. (6) Option to insert/remove earplugs at any point in the mission. Make certain you take one of the PBRs parked at the "River Rat Boathouse" once you've seen the general and kitted up. (7) Random enemy patrol script ensures replayability. (8) And thanks to Sergeant Dennenboom, an "official" end to the mission. Mission Notes: It is VERY important to ensure before beginning that your sliders for "Effects" and "Music" are set to at least 50 percent. (Mission sounds/music based on those levels.) It is recommended to set the "Radio" slider to zero to reduce/eliminate annoying AI chatter. It is also very important to the flow and immersion of the mission to begin at Headquarters, see the general to get your orders and then take one of the PBRs located at the "River Rats Boathouse" to begin the mission. Read the briefing and check the map out to get a feel for what you need to do and how you want to go about it. It is suggested also to disable all AI in the slots not taken up by a human player Known Bugs: (1) "image: cluster.jpg" not found sometimes appears at mission selection screen. (I've apparently not the intellect to make this "go away".) (2) "no entry cfg weapons. NAM_M16'" (problem with the Unsung Delta mod Requirements: ArmA 3 Unsung 3.1d Vietnam War mod, CBA_A3. and the Apex Arma 3 DLC Credits: My thanks to Kronsky, Nemesis, and Grumpy Old Man and Sushi for their scripting genius. Without their tools, this mission would have been MUCH the lesser. And to Kegety for his PBO/De-PBO tool. And special thanks to Sergeant Dennenboom of "Elite Warriors" for sharing his knowledge and time with me. And lastly, but not leastly (is that even a word?) big thanks to the entire crew behind the "Unsung Vietnam" mod. They have rekindled my enthusiasm for Arma 3 ! Urban Patrol Script Version: 2.2.0 Author: Kronzky NRE_earplugs.sqf Author: Nemesis GOM - Ambient AA :Author:Grumpy Old Man sush_pow_script.sqf Author: Sushi VVS Virtual Vehicle Spawner script by: Tonic Regards, Oddball
  5. Gents, New mission for ArmA 3 Unsung Vietnam has been posted on the Steam workshop. Details for it can be found here: https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/203394-the-night-tigers-an-unsung-vietnam-coop-mission/ Link to the mission itself is here : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=898007862 (Just click "Subscribe" and it'll auto-download/install for you. Plays fine on a dedicated server, too. Regards, Odd
  6. Oddball-47 Ronin

    Unsung Missions On Steam

    Hi Gents, First off, this is -not- a bashing of the "Unsung Vietnam" mod. Rather, it is a suggestion that people do not get/subscribe to Unsung Vietnam missions posted on the Steam Workshop. I've now downloaded about 8 or 10 of 'em and half of 'em are not compatible with Unsung Vietnam 3.0 Delta. As well, a good number of missions posted on Steam don't state up front any/all mod requirements to be used with it/them. And lastly, given that it's so easy to upload a mission to the Steam workshop there's a lot of 'em that just plain aren't worth dinking with. Lastly, from a server administrator aspect, just finding an Arma3 mission file one has subscribed to in order to upload it to the server is an aggravating endeavor. Steam "buries" 'em deep in a seemingly randomly generated folder name (and no, it's not in the "mpmissions" folder). As well, there's a "Workshop!" folder generated which may or may not be viewable by the user until/unless one has performed some voodoo with it. So, my suggestion/request is that all those wonderful folks who invest so much time and effort into crafting their magic upload their masterpieces to the "Armaholic" website. Rant over; flame away. But I'll stick to my position that the Steam Workshop is a mess mission-wise. Regards, Odd
  7. Oddball-47 Ronin

    Unsung Missions On Steam

    Hi Mordecai, Yeah, that does indeed work, but Steam's methodology just annoys me. The "Workshop!" folder which it defaults as "hidden" is another annoyance. ;) Regards, Odd
  8. Hi guys, I read up on it this evening and think I've figured out what I need to do. 1. Edit the server.cfg, telling it to add specifically (and only) Da Krong Insurgency using this: class Missions { class DaKrong-Insurgency // name for the mission, can be anything { template = [CO22]%20Evolution%20Vietnam%20(Da%20Krong).DaKrong; // omit the .pbo suffix cadetMode = 0; // difficulty 0=veteran 1=cadet }; 2. (Sorry for the formatting) Edit the server.cfg with the following: persistent = 1; // If 1, missions still runs on even after the last player disconnected. But that's on tomorrow's list of "stuff to do". I just spent 4 glorious hours in the boonies of Da Krong hunting for the elusive "cave complex" which I "know" is somewhere in between "Three Canyons" and "Long Vinh". (no spoilers, please!) Stuff I LOVE about this mission and map: The map itself is absolutely magnificent, and the jungle so dense in most of it that the relatively "open" areas around rivers/creeks feels like the open expanses of Nebraska. You can almost hear yourself breath a sigh of relief that you can see further than 30 or 40 yards. Moving through "the bush", it becomes an imperative that you keep your eyeballs on your point man constantly. (While of course watching your flanks as well.) It is VERY easy to lose track of him. And once the proverbial $#it hits the fan, you've gotta know exactly where he is relative to your position; moving to him while maintaining (or attempting to) cover for yourself. (Huge difference between "cover" and "concealment" becomes obvious early on.) The adrenaline rush of seeing tracers, hearing the impacts close to you and "feeling" the snaps of the rounds whizzing over your head is some righteous stuff ! Frags, lots of frags. Oh, and bring a blooper or a thumper with you as well! Oh, I got to try out a HALO jump this evening as well. What a trip! I'd never "jumped" before in Arma except for a couple of times several years ago. I'd forgotten what a head rush it is, especially on this map where open terrain is tough to come by. (I managed to auger/kill myself several times coming down into dense jungle. The ability to "respawn" is a godsend. Many, many missions I've downloaded and played since the original "Arma" first came out so many years ago, simply terminate the mission, forcing you to start from scratch. I've personally always found this annoying and extremely disruptive to the enjoyment to be had from Arma. Which, when all is said and done is a -game- and as such is to be enjoyed. So, my thanks for including the multi-option/multi-base spawn! Oh, I almost forgot. Populating the bases with "AI guys". GREAT addition and helps a lot with the immersion factor. (Mission makers take note.) We've noted a couple of odd behaviors within the context of Da Krong Insurgency. First is that recruiting an AI guy functions, with the caveat that said "AI guy" seems to ignore any/all orders that you give him. I'd call them "retards", but that would probably be considered "un PC". Oh wait, I just did; too late. ;) When last I saw mine, he as wandering off to some obscure area of the base after I'd told him to "regroup" or "move there" more than a half dozen times. I then said "screw it" and moved out into the boonies on my own... only to almost light him up when he spooked me thirty minutes later, wandering into my line of sight/fire. The only other "problem" we've come across is the helicopter transport option. (For you guys unaware of it, hitting the "0" (zero) key at the top of your keyboard brings up a list of options. Listed under "supports" is the option to call in the helo for transporting you to .... well...) We had twice designated a wide expanse of open terrain East of Three Canyons, but both times, the helo insisted on dropping us right on top of the small hamlet designated as "Three Canyons" on the map. We died. It was not pretty. Heheheee! Anyway, it's entirely possible this is anomalous behavior, but I thought it would be of benefit to point these two items out in order to provide some feedback on my experience as a player of the mission. In closing, my sincere thanks once again to all the makers of the Unsung mod, as well as the Da Krong Insurgency and Evolution missions. I'm guessing that a combined thousands of total hours of dedication and perseverance, probably combined with unhealthy does of obsession and frustration went into bringing this mod and missions to fruition. Mod and mission makers have been at the core of a LOT of the fun I've had with PC games over more than two decades. We are all in their debt. Best regards, Odd
  9. Hi Pookie, I'm not just "liking" it; I'm loving it! I'm using an Arma3 server I rent from "Fragnet". Prior to loading up "Unsung" on our server, we were playing a "persistent" world mission called "Antistasi". In that mission, there was an option for the players to select "Persistent Save" when leaving the server. This preserved the current game state, generating a file called something like "server.vars.Arma3Profile. When next anyone loaded into the server/mission, he would then see everything exactly as it was for the previous player(s). (If they'd done a "persistent save.) Shutting down the server, then restarting it, would not matter with regards to the state of the map/mission when we last left it. The server just read that "persistent save" file and it was just exactly the same as where we'd left off. I'm server-illiterate, as proof of which I offer that it took me three days to figure out how to get the capability to play "Unsung" on our server. (Man, was I -thrilled- when I could actually connect and not get thrown back to the mission selection screen immediately.) Anyway, my thrust is that it seems that saving progress on a server is possible, at least in the case of "Antistasi"; the caveat being that perhaps it has to be coded into the mission itself? So, am I correct in assuming that the "Da Krong Insurgency" mission is meant to be completed in a single day/night of continuous play? Or... is there perhaps something I can insert in the server.cfg file or the basic.cfg file which would "force" Da Krong Insurgency to become "persistent". ie: always running whether there was anyone on the server or not. I remain, A Pinhead Without Portfolio
  10. To all the Unsung creators, My sincere thanks for all the fun you've provided me with this mod. I'd been looking for something different to play with using Arma 3 and you've opened a whole new world for me. Being a -real- old Arma 3 player, Vietnam is the era I grew up in. I'm lovin' it! The Da Krong map is magnificent, me and my little band of misfits and currently playing "Da Krong Insurgency". We're havin' a blast with it, but have yet to discover how to save our progress on our server. D'oh! Best regards, Oddball