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  1. Thanks for the reply. I've sorta grasped the LODs, named selections and stuff like that. But I'm quite sure that isn't the complete workflow. I haven't found any useful tutorials as of yet, still looking. Mostly I'm not totally aware of firstly the O2 process (but thats quite easy to grasp thanks to an abundance of tutorials) and secondly transferring that to its toolbox equivalent (of which tutorials are terribly lacking). Thanks anyway!
  2. I've tried to recently get into modding for Arma 3, Modeling using blender, I also wanted to have the ability to work on other things from within Blender as well. I am working in a team of sorts, and my role is mainly to model, texture and send over my stuff to the others to continue working on. I've stumbled across the Arma Toolbox for Blender, and the description and website seem to say that it is entirely possible to use the toolbox coupled with Blender to do everything that O2 would normally do. Meaning that O2 is made redundant with the toolbox around. I just wanted to know if anyone around has used/knows how to use this addon entirely, and can create a guide or tutorial on the complete workflow - well structured guides on this program is terribly lacking, and it seems to have good potential. Thanks, PS: I couldn't find an editing "general" so I put it here. I couldn't figure out which one this would go in so if someone would move this to a better one that would be appreciated.
  3. I'm working on a mod, having modeled a carbine in Blender, and textured using Substance Painter. I've finished everything and now am up to exporting the textures for use in Arma. But I cannot find the export maps for A3, ie. Diffuse, SMDI, etc. Currently, I've got Base Colour, Metallic, Mixed AO. Normals, Height, and roughness. Is there a way to export the correct maps straight from painter, or is there a way to create the required maps from using one or more of the ones I have. Thanks!
  4. I've made a model for a static turret so far, I've read up on Zach's Full On Guide to Custom Weapons. Is this the same for static turrets? I'd imagine statics would be classified more as vehicles though. Is there a tutorial somewhere on turrets? Theres quite a few on weapons, doesn't seem to be any for turrets. Thanks
  5. Will you be adding other camos to Delta/CAG and Seals? I've seen in photographs Delta forces operating in more arid environments such as 'stan. Some Mutlicams would be good too, thats one thing that Massi's mods currently have over yours, his has many different camos for each unit and also has recon elements to each as well. Your work is amazing although its the little things that are putting me off
  6. Okay, Thanks! Your work is amazing, the Arma community thanks you
  7. Thanks for the reply, I think I'd go with the Rangers in that case, I'm downloading all those addons for them now. Do you think they'd go with suppressors all out with the missions I'm making? I'm guessing if its recon it would be the Regimental Recon Company, but I guess your normal Rangers could do some recon too. I'll just see when I finally get your mod setup (only the core file now, I spent the last hour downloading those requirements)
  8. I've been looking at your work, and I'm definately moving over from Massi's addons, their quality is very "meh" compared to what you've been churning out. In particular, the Delta Force, 75th Ranger, and SEALs really stand out to me. Just a question: Which of your "NATO-affiliated" SF factions would be most likely to be conducting multiple operations on Altis against CSAT. I'm making a campaign of sorts to mirror BI's campaign but from a more "contemporary" and "special forces" perspective. Please advise, the kind of missions I'm planning are varied including recon and direct action, with some assault "supporting roles" as well. Thanks, and keep up the good work as well! Your SF units are looking amazing, the only drawback would be that list of mods that I need :)