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  1. hi, sorry for late reply


    my suspect are still on this, but no idea on meaning or solution

    12:47:59 No more slot to add connection at 028029 (2881.3,2995.2)
    12:48:08 "No params given for ALIVE_fnc_BUS - exiting..."

    i see this should be a "homemade" mission, did you try to check with who developed it?

    btw mods are often responsable for breaking behavior, my advice is to test it loading mods one-by-one (i'm telling 'cause i see also a lot of "Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. " wich are commonly mods related


    @zulu1 the "skeleton" error is normal, i have a lot too on my logs

    else the "Missing 'description.ext::Header::maxPlayer' " i've already seen on working mission

  2. 11 minutes ago, dr death jm said:

    this didn't work for me. I still see black screen or a map when joining server." rpt says I did join", but I never see past the loading map before server joining. besides if I restart server or validate, the steamclient.so gets edited.

    has any bis member responded to a fix?

    black screen it's not related to "steamclient.so" issue  (manly 'cause it don't even let start your server)

    1.70 was a major update so your problem could be anywhere (various mods got an update with 1.70 realese)

    so post your full RPT please


    @Thedarkloser restarting server every 3-4 hours is strongly reccomended, however this kind of crashes very depend by the mission itself, how many resources it takes, how many players you have and naturally how well it's coded. ;)

    could be useful to have more infos about crashes

  3. i took a quick look, my suspect are on this line, but not sure of the meaning

    16:29:26 No more slot to add connection at 028029 (2881.3,2995.2)

    could be related to this one

    16:29:22 Mission TheCrazyTigersNewBase.DYA: Missing 'description.ext::Header::maxPlayer'
    16:29:22 Mission TheCrazyTigersNewBase.DYA: Missing 'description.ext::Header::minPlayer'

    are you sure this mission is working? did you have playable players on that? did you ever tried on SP or local host?


    you're also running an old version of cba (newest is 3.3.1)

    then about Aliveserver mod, i see the folder exist but appear to be empty, that's rigt?

  4. hi thank you,

    i've already saw that and already tried to change the MaxSizeNonguaranteed value, it changes the "byte" values of the error code but still "too long"


    it happens on liberation takistan (no tried other maps) i manage this server longer than 4 months and literally never saw this kind of error (and spam :)


    however last night the "spam" stopped suddently itself while we playing and without changes, so now i suspect it could be more a network rather than arma issue



  5. hi everyone,

    i've got a problem on my linux dedicated server after the 1.70 update (and after fixing the steamclient.so issue :evil:) my server started to spam this on RPT


    21:44:00 NetServer: trying to send too large non-guaranteed message (1360 bytes long, max 1348 allowed)
    21:44:00 Message not sent - error 0, message ID = ffffffff, to 435978474 (triky)

    repeated for every connected player (even for headlessclient) and maaany times per second (fyi: i din't paste the entire log but is growin something like 20MB/hour, spamming this message)


    tried to increase MaxSizeNonguaranteed parameter but still present


  6. i'm not the fix "inventor" but just a spokeperson :drinking2:thank you anyways, always glad to help


    now i see i've got this error spamming in RPT (never seen before), someone else?


    11:33:56 NetServer: trying to send too large non-guaranteed message (1360 bytes long, max 1348 allowed)
    11:33:56 Message not sent - error 0, message ID = ffffffff, to 1922599065 (triky)

    (it's repeated for every connected client, headless client too)

    tried to both lower and increase the MaxSizeNonguaranteed value but nothing changes

  7. 9 hours ago, john85oc said:

    I not really unterstand it. can not make BI a hotfix for?

    into you steam directory you find a folder called "linux32" in this folder there is a file called "steamclient.so" this file must be copy into your arma directory (there is a file with the same name, overwrite it!)

    and yes it work on debian 8 too

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