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  1. something like that..

    put this in your init.sqf

    zeus_whitelist = [ "YOUR_ADMIN_STEAMID_HERE", //put your admins steam id's on this array
    waitUntil { alive player };
    sleep 1;
    _zeus = YOUR_ZEUS_UNIT_HERE; //change this to match your zeus unit
    if ( !(( getPlayerUID _zeus ) in zeus_whitelist )) then {
    	endMission "LOSER";				


  2. @wyqer i use differtent nicks but i'm the same person,

    howewere thank you again ;)


    all the mods were succesfully loaded on server start and "lost" after role selection on this specific map (played a lot of liberation on other maps with same mods without problem), difficulty setting were resetted too

    nothin suspect on rpt's


    finally worked rewriting server cfg

    btw still a very weird behavior :eh:

  3. hi everyone,

    i'm testing a modded version of "KP Liberation Tanoa" on my test server

    everything is ok when the server start but after the first connection (so when mission is loaded) the list in launcher stop to show mods and tells "No Mods" and even the original dlc (kart, heli, marksman, etc) disappear


    never see this behavior before so any idea?!? :eh:

    there is something into my mission who "disables" mods? (fyi: if load manually the mods and connect everyting is good, but always not listed in launcher)

  4. 9 hours ago, Spatsiba said:

    RHS compared to vanilla ArmA gear and weapons lowers FPS quite a bit. Even "famous" missions still aren't FPS friendly sometimes. ArmA is a dynamic sandbox. You can do anything. You have to adjust and adapt to different situations. You enter a town? Lower your view distance. You have massive ammounts of explosiosn etc? Lower your graphic settings nad particles. Don't use blastcore etc unless you don't mind lag spikes. 


    It's most likely the memory and cache if it doesn't happen instantly but over time. Check mission to see if it has a lot of loops or things that clutter up. 


    Try running vanilla ArmA without mods and same scripts. If it's not the mission then it's the mods. Extreme quality models and lods and textures can cause lag too. :) 


    In my experience ArmA is a VERY well optimised game if you're playing vanilla using vanilla assets and no unreliable scripting. 


    lowering graphics don't help

    i tried everything client & server side




    -memory allocator

    -various tweak

    -perf binaries



    -checked basic cfg

    -checked server cfg

    -disabled battleye

    -perf binaries

    -server firewall

    -hosting firewall

    -checked entire mission scripts and deleted unecessary things and tried to found here a guilty but no success

     also doubt that is linux ds to be broken


    when i talked about famous missions my meaning was: "this mission is unplayable, how could be that other clans plays it without whining about this?"


    as you said it's more like a memory leak or something similar, it affect client but i suspect it could be come from server because:

    -every player began to drop at the same time, often after entering a city, happens too that a player outside of action don't be affected

    -if you exit server, main menu still at same fps

    -once drops began it get worse in time, it starts at 20fps til 3fps

    -sometimes a player disconnect and the problem disappear

    -tried different environment (mod & vanilla) and different missions but issue still present

  5. i know we're playing heavy scripted mission and this is not good for arma, but i talking about famous and higly supported missions (i.e.: liberation) wich seem to anyone plays good, and not home-made "sunday-developer" missions =)


    same goes for mods, we mainly use common mods like cba, ace, cup and rhs


    and the server, ihmo, is good enough (4ghz i7 with lot of ram and 250mbps) as previous said it run solid, i could run a second ds without problem and without affecting the first one, generally fps drops on server-side side are rare

    tried also with one and more HC, it help a lot the server but no effect on client drops


    i also worked a lot around network issues and basic cfg with no result, but, imho, if it would be a net issues we should expect more lag issues than drops


    btw i'll made some more test with vanilla + vanilla missions


    maybe the simple point is "arma is optimized like a square wheel" and i'm breaking my head into the wall for nothing...

  6. on my clan server (linux ds), no matter wich mission is running, after a while almost every client start to suffer serious fps drops (< 20 fps) while server stay at rock solid 50fps

    curious fact: sometimes when a user leave it stop suddently


    i'm struggling with this since we rent the server and tried every possible workaround but nothing, so my simple question is:


    how could that possible?

    whats the reason?

    it is server related?

    bandwith related?

    client only related?

    how can i solve?


    thank you in advance to anyone can help someway


  7. hi, i saw you're running liberation as mission

    it is a heavy scripted mission so it is quite normal to crash

    i restart my liberation server every 24h (cause we play only at night and by daytime is running idle) but consider you can read on liberation doc itself that devs reccomend to restart every 3-4h, at least 9-10h http://greuh-liberation.wikia.com/wiki/Server_Admin#Server_restarts


    btw, in your case crashing after only 12h is very little time :eh: