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  1. oh well... well... BI was notified 5 days ago and still got to release without fix https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124761 definitely not a good news
  2. there! May 16 17:54:29 TacticalTeam kernel: arma3server[29640]: segfault at 1 ip 000000009762fbd6 sp 00000000eae60790 error 4 in steamclient.so[969fb000+10b3000] May 16 17:54:29 TacticalTeam kernel: grsec: Segmentation fault occurred at 0000000000000001 in /home/steam4518/arma3/arma3server[arma3server:29640] uid/euid:1000/1000 gid/egid:1000/1000, parent /lib/systemd/systemd[systemd:1] uid/euid:0/0 gid/egid:0/0 M
  3. with PHP script i mentiend could you send "#" commands too, not only messages btw i prefer to do actual service restart rather than the embedd #restart function
  4. running as service helps a lot (biggest advantage is the serve automatically restart when crash) https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/193279-running-as-a-service-on-linux/ then could you set a daily cronjob for auto restart (my run at 5am when i'm sure no one is online), so liberation load but not really start until someone login, so you bring a "fresh server" when the first player of the day connect to send rcon messages could you use this PHP script http://www.exilemod.com/topic/17-linux-server-startstoprestart-global-message-script/ then that's the script i use to restart, it begins to warn 15 minutes before restart restart.sh bemsg.sh
  5. if you look at the official wiki the reccomendation is to restart every 3 hour or at least every 10 hour http://greuh-liberation.wikia.com/wiki/Server_Admin then, wich parameters you have set for liberation? specifically with "Unit Cap" "Aggressivity" "Adapt to player Count" and "Civilians" parameters can you limit AI spawn and get get some minor improvements (limiting the epicness of battles unfortuntely )
  6. thats not temporary and generally requires a client restart, the strange thing is its does not happen on every client and not at same time, for the same reason i think it's not a bandwith issue (250Mbps), also because are always fps drops related issues rather than lags or desync don't tell me i've tried everything so far, however every advice is welcome
  7. my clan server run liberation on a very similar setup and we got serious fps drops on towns, i've got some improvements working around with liberation settings but frame drops still (randomly) present when too many reinforcement spawn and > 10 players however i still thinking that's more a client side issue instead of a dedi server issue 'cause in fact server is always running @50 rock solid FPS
  8. hard to say 'cause it's a generic loading error issue, may a missing file or something similar, so could you post the server RPT please?
  9. tRiKy_ch

    64 bit server

    i'm pretty sure TBA is the offical release date, i've read it somewhere ;)
  10. tRiKy_ch

    Linux, Mods Doesn't work

    linux server doesn't always like uppercase characters and spaces (i.e.: i've got a lot of issues with CUP on past, but CBA_A3 doesn't seem to be affected) my advice is to rename all the folders with lowercase and removing spaces or replace with "_", you have to rename subfolders too (like "keys" and "addons") if issue persist you have to rename also the .pbo into addon directory (as prev said i had to do that with CUP vehicles) be also sure to have right permissions on folder when you upload a new mod
  11. profiling give more logs, it's intended for debugging so if you're not interested in debugging use PERF
  12. tRiKy_ch

    Linux, Mods Doesn't work

    you have verifySignatures enabled, sure mods on server have the latest version? if yes , so you could: disable verifySignatures from server cfg or copy the right mod .bikeys files into "keys" folder
  13. tRiKy_ch

    64 bit server

    release date has TBA i run a linux dedicated server @ 32bit , i would appreciate a 64bit binary, but consider the real performance limits are on the client side (when clients start to framedrops server still at stable 50fps)so, at the moment, i dont really bother about 64bit on server i doubt you could get a better performance (and stability) on 64bit wine instead of a "clean" 32bit linux setup
  14. tRiKy_ch

    A polite request for an in game chat filter.

    could you implement a simple anticheat script into your mission this one had a chat filter options
  15. tRiKy_ch

    64 bit server

    64bit binaries for linux are not yet released, so... no way ;)
  16. very very weird, from my home ip a can connect to rcon only if i previos logged on ssh, else if i try it from my mobile (it has another ip class) it connect every time 8-)
  17. where is your server? i saw i similar issue, it was caused by a firewall setup on server ip by provider (ovh)
  18. @AndreNix audio issue has to be client side IMHO, about clantag: it seems that units support on linux server is not complete, on my server clantag staretd to work (magically) itself, but still not see emblems on uniforms/vehicles @z3r0sum try using absolute path when setting "force_install_dir" to be sure you're updating your installtion and not making a new one check also the arma3server executable date, if older than 16.03.2017 there something wrong
  19. yes but consider there are no 64bit binaries for linux server for now, even on the main branch
  20. @Timothy Franz server can loads the mods correctly?
  21. yes but if you check the changelog this update chages a lot of things besides 64bit my thought is you are on extdb devs hand at time
  22. tRiKy_ch

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    i quote i hoped to see this solved on 1.68 but still not working i can't understand if it's a bug or simply not yet implemented... on my linux server i can see my unit tag but not the emblems on units/vehicles
  23. hi guys, just a question: there is no 64bit executables for linux? @macchky it sounds like an incompatibilty issue with new version, extdb is widely used so i suppose it should be fixed very soon. did you tried with extdb3?
  24. tRiKy_ch

    Logo in Arma3 not to see

    hi guys, did you solved this issue? i have the same problem, clan tags and unit infos in player list are show but no emblem on uniforms/vehicles that's a linux dedicated server