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  1. are u sure that server runs the same version of the client of the map?
  2. do you have some script or is entirely made with eden? wich mods do you use? wich map it is?
  3. tRiKy_ch

    Mission File Error

    you can't have spaces in class names, use underscore instead
  4. tRiKy_ch

    server.cfg Help

    sure, tell me more about your server, it is a dedicated server? how do you launch it?
  5. tRiKy_ch

    server.cfg Help

    you have to start the server with the parameter -config=server.cfg and put the file into arma 3 server root folder
  6. hi, i've to report a house inception in "staszow, poland" map @ 5853.66, 10558.9,0
  7. tRiKy_ch

    Error with server files

    are you sure that the unit you're trying to spawn with has a map in his inventory?
  8. could you also take a look at alive mod http://alivemod.com/ i don't know much about but as i know it have a save system for persistent missions
  9. tRiKy_ch

    Read from server

    you're right, BE on clinet-side prevent the "classic" cheating: dll's who inject code to the game like aimbot or wallhacks, that's the motive because if you want to load a dll with BE you need it to be whitelisted but arma have mods and if don't have control over it a user could load any mods he wants and that could bring to cheating (could you manage this via BE on the server but require a bit of work)
  10. could you save your crate item on the server profile savefile and read it when mission load, btw no idea how to use this in the editor, i don't know even if it is possible for the player loadout instead could you save it to user save profile https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/profileNamespace https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/saveProfileNamespace
  11. tRiKy_ch

    Read from server

    users could load all dll's they want, in simple word they can use cheat or whatever they want
  12. tRiKy_ch

    Read from server

    mmh ok, i don't think there is a solution to do that
  13. tRiKy_ch

    Read from server

    ok, you could use _password = call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\userconfig\myMission\Password.hpp"; then in your server arma_root_folder\userconfig\myMission\ put a file called Password.hpp with "yourpassword"
  14. tRiKy_ch

    Read from server

    as i said there is no a real method to access external files, but if you tell us what you want to do will be better to find a possible workaround
  15. i could have some ideas about but let me understand better, so the only thing you have to save is the player loadout and the content of a crate, right? this is a specific crate? there are multiple crates? they are "shared" or every player has his own inventory?
  16. tRiKy_ch

    Read from server

    as i know its not possible due to security reasons, the only files wich are "externally" accessible and readable are the userdata, the save profile or the squad.xml
  17. it depends by the mission and how many, very important, things you have to save and last but not least this would be 100% MP compatible
  18. Could you use setVariable to put a string with your data to save, into profileNamespace, then use saveProfileNamespace to save it to user profile (SP) or to server user profile (MP) so, when you load your mission simply call this string with "profileNamespace getVariable YOUR_STRING_NAME" btw with this method you have to create a script who collect all the data you need (e.g. unit/vehciles status and positions, objective status, destroyed building, and so...) and put it in the string to save, for loading you have to write a script who read this string and set all these data to the mission
  19. tRiKy_ch

    Headless Client / Steam

    yes, as the DS you can run HC without owning arma you have to set HC ip in your DS server.cfg https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.cfg#Dedicated_client_in_Headless_Client_mode
  20. tRiKy_ch

    Best server for arma 3

    the "kaby lake", mainly because has the highest clock and that's what arma need
  21. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.cfg#Server_Options equalmodrequired is deprecated, use verifySIgnature instead
  22. you simply have to rename "Addons" folder to "addons" 'cause linux arma server doesn't like uppercase letter in mod folders
  23. hi, yes mods are not loading simply because the right parameter is -mod and not -mods
  24. hi, did you renamed every mod files and folder to lowercase? arma linux server doesnt like uppercase files