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  1. Because we want too. lol Anyways, ya same issue here too. Had created a BIS account with a different email and made a new one with my new email. Tried linking my new account by hovering over the steam icon at the bottom of the login page it does show 'connect' but after I do it says my steam account is already linked to another account. This account. So I logged into this account and hover over the steam icon THINKING there would be a 'disconnect' appearing. Nothing. There is a hyperlink box just below the steam icon but that just takes me to my steam account. I use Microsoft Edge. Not sure if maybe that could be an issue.
  2. Heya boss I too am new at the editor but I'm slowly learning :) I'm also working on a multiplayer mission too. To get a respawn on that carrier go to your modules list to the right of the editor go down to "Multiplayer" choose 'Respawn Position' Place that where you want to spawn your peeps. In that module you can name it anything, type:infantry, choose the side, I usually disable notification. Now also check at the top left of your editor click "Attributes" then "Multiplayer". In the 'Respawn' section you choose 'respawn on custom position dropdown' then check the 'select respawn position'. There ya go :) Also check the other options in Attributes too. Should be good. :) I'm scratching my head at the moment trying to figure out how to make virtual arsenals with the items of a select faction. Trying to make a pvp map but I don't want one side to have access to other sides gear. Learning by trial by fire lol