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  1. Its the same with the blackfish, I haven't tried it much since the update but I tried to the other night on I and A and smacked straight into all the other choppers on the pads, I believe its something to do with the changes they've made to vectoring but Im just about to have a proper play with it Ill get back to you on what I discover
  2. Are your single player games custom or do you mean the in game missions?
  3. webbie.

    BMR Insurgency

    Hi, Im currently experiencing an issue with the deliver supplies mission. Ive searched through the forums thoroughly but Im unable to find an answer. .When players are dropping the box at the dropzone the box is flying out of the back of the chopper and disappearing. I will note I have moved the base but have changed the positioning in the script as per previous posts. Im unable to pinpoint why it would be doing this but the mission fails everytime regardless of how we go about it. It was working originally so maybe its something I've changed in the Loading scripts but the only thing that comes to mind is the ability to sling a wider array of vehicles. Any help would be appreciated, Thank You.
  4. webbie.

    BMR Insurgency

    I think what hes trying to say is can you make it so the zones are activated by planes and choppers, Im actually working on an edit now and want to do exactly that. I cant find the right parameter to make this work Ive trialled a few things however the zones wont trigger until Im right above them, any help appreciated PS Great work on this Jigsor, Its been a huge learning curve for me but its been very helpful in understanding how all the script fits together, Ive left your credits in their too as you've definitely earnt that right EDIT: Scratch that just found it in the forums, funnily enough I couldnt right before I posted here
  5. EPM Rcon is much easier to use