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  1. The next update will bring a much more lively and completed Ardgour region. This area has 3 Lochs, a castle ruin, varied forestry, marshlands, and multiple villages and settlements. I've also made some touch-ups and bug fixes. I'm also happy to announce that Sullen Skies by EO will be integrated into the terrain. This means you won't need to download an extra mod to get the true dreek Scottish experience! (Big thanks to EO!).


    Some progress shots:










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  2. 19 hours ago, Thumperdevine said:

    Agreed. Mind you, until someone does a pebble-dashed council house model, Rural Scotland is never going to look exactly right in Arma. 3  🙂


    I really wanted to add some council estate areas (where bams would be more of a threat than CSAT) but as you said, there's not many assets that capture the same feeling



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  3. On 8/10/2020 at 1:10 PM, BeastHunter said:

    Hey, I found at least one further house that fits the theme.




    I think it's perfect for an urban theme. It's part of the Rosche mod. Maybe the creator shares it.

    This asset is nice, but red brick buildings are actually quite hard to come by in Scotland, most buildings are either either grey, white or wood. If there's any other suitable buildings from Rosche I'll talk to the creator about using them

  4. Scottish Highlands 1.0 is now available! See bottom of this post for the link to the Steam workshop.



    Scottish Highlands takes you to North-West Scotland, focusing on the hills and valleys around Loch Eil, only a few miles from the Largest mountain in Scotland, Ben Nevis. This area has an interesting mix of topography. Coastal areas are flat and broken up by villages, tall hedgerows and fields, whilst the less populated inland is mainly large valleys and hills with tight twisting roads, intertwined by dense forests.





    Full release

    Scottish Highlands is now at a point where I'm happy to call it a full release. I will still be making small changes here and there, making improvements to the satmap and maybe adding or tweaking a few areas, but as the map stands it is in a fully playable state.






















    Scottish Highlands workshop page: click here

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  5. 2 hours ago, BeastHunter said:

    Hmm you could either make two versions or ask someone to retexture cup buildings or create own buildings. I mean I know what a huge amount of work modding is and so on, but imagine a good scotland map with custom buildings... 




    You could ask for permission and try to convert this to Arma 3 or look for free 3d models.




    This pack is free and small and the houses look at least a bit better than CUP. And there's also Arma 3 Custom Buildings Mod 




    And those ones:




    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=671539540 (the white houses could look a bit like victorian houses with some good mapbuilding)




    Ok maybe not all of them are that great but ... yeah.

    Thanks for linking all this, I've had a look and some of them do look quite good. Some of the MBG buildings would work nicely. Only issue I have is I'm worried that if I use too many different mod packs the buildings on the terrain will all be different quality and it might ruin immersion. I know CUP buildings aren't great but atleast they are all of the same quality 😄.
    I'd love this map to feel as Scottish as possible so if they work then I'll definitely use them in the final release

  6. 5 hours ago, BeastHunter said:

    Looks good so far! Maybe I wouldn't use old CUP buildings where you can use Enoch or Apex assets. Keep on good work!

    I had to weigh the pros and cons of this, as apex/Enoch buildings are mainly wooden, whilst Scottish buildings are almost entirely stone, which CUP has a lot of. I have however used a lot of Enoch/apex buildings where I see fit. I've tried my best to balance it, but it might change in the future. if only global mobilisation assets were available!

  7. After a lot of hard work, I feel comfortable sharing the progress of my terrain with the community.

    This terrain is set off the west coast of Scotland. The area is dominated by villages and small farms/industry, intertwined with dense forests.
    Coastal areas are flat and broken up by tall hedgerows and fields, whilst the less populated inland is mainly large valleys and hills with tight twisting roads.
    The terrain itself is 5KMx5KM, features two separate land masses (three including a small island) and is heavily based off the real world counterpart. So far all buildings are 100% enterable and I plan on keeping it that way


    This terrain is still very much a work in progress.
    In the near future I would like to release an Alpha build for people to try out and to give feedback on. I haven't decided how I will do this (either through steam or a private download).

    And the most important part...
    The image gallery

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  8. I've been teaching myself terrain building these past few days. So far I've only been using L3DT's generated terrain, but I want to create a map using a small island off the coast of Scotland. I was just wondering what software I need to use to do this - I tried a bit of googling but couldn't find much. If you have any good tutorial or know how to do it then please let me know! (also sorry if this is a stupid question i'm still new to all this).