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  1. What is CSOR? CSOR is a Canadian Tier 2 Canadian Special Operation Forces Command Unit largely similar to the US Rangers. CSOR is tasked with undertaking extremely difficult and complex tasks such as raids, capturing of strategic positions and special reconnaissance just to name a few. Why Join CSOR? CSOR brings players more than just a Milsim unit but a close community but most importantly we bring a new and unique unit to the Arma 3 Milsim community. Players get to use all new weapons, vehicles and equipment to undertake challenging and detailed operations aimed at providing the most realistic scenarios we can get in Arma. Important Information Fridays - Side Operation 1830 CST Saturdays - Main Operation 1800 CST Must be able to attend 75% of all Operations, 3 out of 4 weeks. How to Join? Simply follow the links! Discord - https://discord.gg/gbQCYyR Teamspeak - vs21.tserverhq.com:9049
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    Squad name:- 101st AB, 1st BCT, 327th IR [327th IR For short] Timezone/location : North America Gamemode preference: Coop Short description: We are the 327th Infantry Regiment apart of the 101st Airborne. We operate an infantry section and an air detachment which is based off the 160th SOAR. During our operations we try to make them as realistic as possible which is also what our mod pack has done. If you are looking for a Modern US Army Unit we are the place for you, we also do not just play Arma but other games such as Post Scriptum, Battlefield 5 etc. Our Operations are every Sunday at 4pm Est, with unscheduled operations all throughout the week and many different training's, courses and roles for you to choose from. If its in the Army, we have it! Language: English
  3. Introduction Established on 10/7/18 the 3rd Battalion 4th Marines aims to provide a unique experience to those interested in a Vietnam Era Unit. We pride ourselves in being a Serious but fun unit which likes to include a realistic and unique experience into our Operations. What We Offer While we are currently looking for more infantry focused players we do offer Air Crewman roles as our Pilots are currently full but when we do expand we will take your interest into consideration over new people. We also like to provide unique and immersive operations which allow you to live out your dream character as long as it makes sense and follows our Rules. Ranks and promotion points so you can rise up the ladder, but most importantly we offer a kind and welcoming community that will help you when needed and is always there for you! Positions Infantry Roles ♣️ While we currently are a new unit we do offer limited roles but as we expand new roles will be added. Do keep in mind this does also apply to the AirCorp Roles. - Machine Gunner - Rifleman - Grenadier - Lead positions ( Must talk to Commanding officers if you wish to become a lead position when joining ) Air Corp Roles ? - Heli Pilots ( FULL ) - Air Crewman ( Doorgunners ) - 1x ATC Operator How to Join Feel free to either add me on Steam or leave a comment but the most efficient way would be through our teamspeak! TS - Website - https://3rdbattalion4thmarines.enjin.com/ " Ready For All, Yielding to None"
  4. European Operation Forces Airborne Brigade attached to NBG is a EU rapid deployment force established and funded by the EU itself to counter react any aggression performed against any EU member and its overseas territory. EUROF is build around a brigade but due to limited manpower is it only operating at a company size level with a single air detachment providing transport and support to the force. The force operates both from its garrison training center based in both Tanoa & Stratis and the European Joint Naval interdiction Force The Force is conducting training and operations with JSDF and the RDB in and around the contested area of Tanoa at this very moment and is expected to carry on this in the future. Link to website - http://www.nordicbattlegroup.eu/
  5. Welcome to the forum post for the arma 3 unit, 1st Marine Division. We are a milsim unit looking for members, we do training weekly and operations weekly and unlike many other milsim units we accept all ages, but you can get kicked for being immature or disrespectful. What do we offer - Weekly training and operations - Respectful members - Real marine ranking system - occasional PVP events - Real marine platoon, company, battalion Ranks! We use real Marine Ranks Marine Corps Enlisted Junior Ranks E - 1 PVT E - 2 PFC E - 3 LCPL Marine Corps Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Ranks E - 4 CPL E - 5 SGT Marine Corps Staff Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO) Rank E - 6 SSGT E - 7 GySGT E - 8 1stSgt / MSgt E - 9 MGySgt / SgtMaj E - 9s Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps What Role Can You Take On! We use real Marine Roles Ground Combat Element Rifleman Machine Gunner Mortar Man Assault Marine LAV Marine LAV Driver LAV Gunner LAV Commander Scout Sniper Spotter Sniper Specialties in Artillery Fire Support Marine Artillery Meteorological Marine High Mobility Artillery Rocket System Operator AAV Marines AAV Rear Marines AAV Driver AAV Commander Armor Marine Tank Driver Tank Gunner Tank Commander Specialties in Engineering Combat Engineer Engineer Equipment Operator Engineer Assistant Field Artillery Officer Infantry Officer Tank Officer Enlisted Aircrew Aerial Observer/Gunner Helicopter Crew Chief Presidential helicopter Crew Chief Aviation Logistics Aviation Supply Specialists Aviation Logistics Information Management and Support Specialist Aviation Supply Officer Fixed-Wing Pilot Naval Flight Officer Rotary/Tilt Rotor Pilot Specialties in Communications Field Radio Operator Specialties in Logistics Embarkation Specialist Airborne and Air Delivery Specialist Landing Support Specialist Specialties in Transportation Motor Vehicle Operator Specialties in Ground Ordnance/Ammunition and EOD EOD technician Combat Engineer Officer Communications Officer Ground Supply Officer Logistics Officer Military Police Officer Signals Intelligence Officer Requirements - Working microphone - Respect to higher ups and everyone else - Willing to participate in training at least every two weeks and events every two weeks - Dedication Link to Website https://units.arma3.com/unit/my-unit1marinedivision
  6. nice map, could you make a map that is in the middle eastern sorta area or on the canadian american coast?
  7. Do you need someone to do research and things such as that i have never made a skin or anything but i would like to help and learn!
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    happened to me sucks right?
  9. Squad name:- 1st Marine Division (US) Timezone/location : MST CANADA Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): COOP, Military Sanbox Contact email: nate11.howes@hotmai.com Website address: https://units.arma3.com/unit/my-unit1marinedivisionShort description: Small unit, needs members, milsim unit going to do training weekly and operations weekly or every 2 weeks, Real Marine Ranking system and platoon systemLanguage: English