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  1. @Grumpy Old Man

    Come to think of it the mission I was using it on had a bad glitch I couldn't fix and had to abandon 200hrs work. 


    ALL the civilians went hostile to the players faction. It didn't matter if I changed sides the civs where only hostile to the players side.


    Also every vehicle in game turned to civilian, purple on map, and you couldn't enter them. Also loot/containers on ground did the same thing and the player couldnt access or pick them up. 


    I had 20+ hours of game play set up with

    Missions, Intel, friendly encounters, interrogation, murder, hacking. All with different consequences with your actions. 


    3 friendly factions and civilians negotiating peace. 


    Assassination on a general


    Nuke going off in blue hq or wherever the bomber is killed, dead man's switch. So if the player kills the bomber he saves the day but dies in the process. 


    Nuke releases a zombie apocalypse. 


    I was just starting on the zombies and some scripts when I went to test it the civilians went bat shit and attacked me.


    No one could figure out why it happened. 


    Funniest test was when the guy carrying the nuke crashed his car and died setting off the nuke. 

  2. Someone made a mod that added bullet lines to every projectile. It even had colour code for damage when penatrating solid objects.


    It even showed the range of each bullet and when the bullet would loose its damage at range. It works with vehicles and choppers to. 


    I can remember the name of it but if I come across it again I'll post you the link. It may help you

  3. On 02/08/2017 at 4:19 PM, Belphegor (DayZ) said:

    I've been playing this mod for a while now, great stuff, thanks to the creator for doing this.


    i do have a question about loot distribution.. i usually only use A3 weapons and the CUP weapons pack but the only weapons i ever seem to find in lootable objects is CZ-550 and Lee enfield rifles and some low tier handguns + assorting ammo. only on the raiders i find a larger variety of weapons and ammo. i've had a fairly long playing session today on the esseker map with all loot values set to double of the default. went through some small locations, the big town and the military complex in the south-east and apart from a ton of the items mentioned above i only found 1 AK and 1 mag from another AK variant and also a number of explosive devices at the military complex. there were also no scopes/attachments to be found at all. all other loot like clothing and food items seem to spawn fine tho


    it just strikes me as odd how there is such a variety of weapons, ammo and attachments available but it's always the same items that spawn over and over again. is this just how it is or is something screwed on my side?


    and can someone maybe recommend a good setting for the zombie spawns? i find they spawn a bit too close by default, today i tried max. amount 70 at 400 to 1200m but the zombies were very spread out. how high can you set the number of zombies before arma starts doing that thing it does when you make it do things it doesn't like?


    thanks again for this awesome mod


    Yeah the loot is normally like that for me. What I do to make it better is turn all the loot settings to 0 and put the static loot between 50 and 75. Then I use either b52 loot mod or hero's survival loot mod. Atm I'm using b52 coz I'm having problems with the hero's survival system. Or even just a loot script I can edit to add certain loot to a certain area but finding one that doesn't eat fps is hard. 


    I personally don't use ambient zombies much but when I do I normally set it to


    Alive cap 50

    Max 150

    Closest spawn 200

    Longest spawn 500

    Horde size random


    I use a 3.4 quad 4 threads 750gtx. 30-45 fps. My other computer I don't use much is 3.4 quad 8 threads 1050ti gtx. 50-60fps. Both have 16gb ram. 


    Horde module I set to


    Count 100-200 depending where I put it. 

    Spawn 150-300 depending where I put it

    Activation is set to twice distance of spawn setting. I hate zombies spawning in front of you. 


    With my old computer and when ravage had badly optimised zombies I used the zombies and demons mod. You can have 2-3x the amount of zombies with it.  But ravage has gotten a lot better. 


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  4. I use enigma to spawn 'roaming squads', I edited the scripts for rhs rus and USA solders to spawn and they all seem to walk in a line. They mostly only spawn in or near buildings. 


    I use EoS to spawn camps in marker areas. It works well and has a kill counter and the units despawn/cache when you get a set distance away and respawn where they were. 


    I also have jonzies and Adams car mods that spawn with the ravage vehicle module. 



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  5. @Husker-71


    How did you add items to the ravage 'useable' list? 


    Also check out enigmas civilian script. With abit of editing you can make one for each faction and have Ai spawn around the player. 


    With the 'call rvg_fnc_equip' you can place it in the init of any unit or in the onPlayerRespawn.sqf to give them random loadouts on start and respawn. 

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  6. @Husker-71, 

    You could try EoS to spawn in enemy or friendly camps and with abit of editing you can also use enigma to spawn in ambient Ai around you. 


    You can even add


    call rvg_fnc_equip 


    Into enigma to have them spawn with random ravage loot. 


    I got a question for you about hero's loot. Did you edit the food and water spawns to ravage items or are you using hero's survival system? 

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  7. oh right thank you for that info, very helpful.


    got it working very well with another script that damages you after awhile if your not wearing a gas mask in area of a trigger and a smoke module to tell you there is rads there.


    Do the AI take rad damage?


  8. So I managed to get it working. I synced the rad module to the survival one. The Geiger metre didn't work and I had no radiation bar under the health bars but after awhile I got radiation sickness. 


    Is there away to know your in radiation other than the Geiger? Also why don't we have the rad bar under the health and thirst bars? 


    Thank you for your help. My mission is  set up after a nuke attack on a few cities. 

  9. 17 hours ago, Evil Organ said:


    You have a couple of options....

    Place down the Survival System module, within the module you can then choose to either spawn random Radiation Zones, have Radioactive Rain or Radioactive Waters.

    Second option is the Radioactive Placement module, this lets you choose the area and radius of a Radiation Zone. (you'll also need the Survival System module in order for the Radioactive Placement module to work)

    Lastly, check out the Radiation page of the Ravage Wiki, kodabar has written some essential tips on this subject.   


    page doesnt say anything about the editing side of the radiation.


    I have a survival module placed with radiation zones,rain and weather off because i dont want random radiation. I placed a radioactive module down but it doesnt work. There is no radiation at the module placement.


    What do i do to get it to work? The random radiation works but not the placement modules. Do i need to turn on rad water and rain to get the placement module to work?

  10. Just to add coz I didnt see it written. 


    To start a task once the intel is picked up add a trigger for create task and give your Intel a name. Then in the trigger condition add


    !alive intelname


    That then should trigger your task once Intel is picked up. 


    This works well with the task modules and it should work with scriptted task but I have only used the modules

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