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  1. How's it going guys. Been awhile since I have been here. Had abit of a break from arma. 


    So I am having a couple problems with the new ravage 1.48 mod. 


    1. I can no longer sleep at any bed. Is it only a sp thing? Makes sense if it is. But my mission is only 2 player multiplayer to have custom respawns added. So sleeping will work and it's handy for skipping time. 


    2. I played my mission for a good hour the other night and made it to my safe zone. I had repaired and refueled my car along the way. 


    When I got there I decided to look around. I found an empty fuel can and went over to the military fuel depot to try and refill it. It wouldn't let me said "no fuel here" or whatever it is. But after that I could no long scavenge or repair/refuel any car. 


    Here's the weird thing I could still do all that with the helicopters just not cars or trucks. 


    3. Now this is an old problem I was having but the new update gave me away to test it more. 


    So my problem I had with 1.47 was anyone who was grouped to me wouldn't attack any zombies no matter what I did. 


    I made it to a small town where an ambient Ai had spawned and was fighting zombies. I helped him then I recruited him. Once he was recruited he would not fight. I decided to dismiss him and the second I did that he opened fire again. 


    I can't for the life of me figure out why my team mates want to die instead of fight. I'm pretty sure I treat them well. 


    Thats not to much of a worry for me. I do want to be able to scavenge agian. 

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  2. 21 hours ago, xxgetbuck123 said:

    G'day mate


    Merry Christmas! However I've got 2 questions/inquiries.


    1) Is there a way to change the audible distance that the zombies hear? I was testing it out yesterday with mates and we could be in a gunfight almost in rock throwing distance yet some zombies wont aggro, only the ones extremely close would. 


    2) How does ACE work with the vehicle repair, does ACE repair work just as well or do we maintain the Ravage repair? I haven't gotten around to testing with ACE yet with the boys however though I'd ask here if there's anything I should know.


    Found the mod only yesterday and absolutely loving it so far, took me like 10mins before I told all my mates to download it haha. 




    ace repair works. Ace does work there didnt seem to be any problems for me when i used it with ravage. You still get the ravage repair option and it all still works but the best part is with ace you dont need a tool kit to repair a tire but you cant use ravage tire you have to use the ace one form the car cargo bay but with that said you still can use ravage tire and tool kit to change a tire.


    So it works it just gives you 2 ways to do a lot of things. 

  3. @lv1234 Set the vehicle to lock, give it a name like Car_1 and in its init out


    removeAllActions Car_1;


    Locking it will stop the normal drive and inventory option and removing the actions should remove ravage actions.


    Another way to do it is add it to a script with a sleep time first


    /// Car_1.sqf

    sleep 5;

    removeAllActions Car_1


    //Car_1 init

    execVM "Car_1.sqf";


    That should give ravage time to add the actions then it should remove them


    Just locking it removed all the actions for me.

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  4. so i have done a bit of my ravage mission. Its not finished and needs cleaning up. ATM you are just following clues to get to the safe zone. I left teleporting poles in places for testing (i forgot to take them out) you can ignore them.




    Thats the link to the mission and the mod list. I added links to the mods so you can easily access them. Any help or advise you guys could give me would be great.

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  5. @BattleChief if you want you can do these buildings 


    With this



    First link is the buildings second link is the Aussie map. If you get the map with out the buildings mod the map will not quite work properly. Some buildings are already furnished so you need both. 


    I have tried but I am no good at this kind of thing. 

  6. 1 hour ago, H.M.Helbrecht said:

    ok, I've just spent the past couple of hours going through google, this thread, and the wiki but can't seem to find the answer I'm looking for so here it is...



    How would I be able to activate the Ambient Zombie and hordes module only after a specific triggers or condition is met? I've tried syncing the module(s) with a trigger but the zeds all show up as soon as player enters the area. I'm working on a mission where a horde will be present only after certain events happen and/or conditions are met but can't seem to figure it out.  BTW, I only have a basic knowledge/understanding of scripting so any examples or even pointers would be highly appreciated.



    In the ambient zombie and ai module there is a condition field. Add 


    "triggerActivated yourTriggerHere;" with out quotes. 


    Thats how i did it for a couple of my missions a while ago. 


    @haleks I did notice before bed that 2 zombies from a group of 10+ attacked me. I believe it's like what @Huri said, any zombie that us already spawned don't register you and only fresh spawns do.


    To replicate add the ambient module and set it to 100 pop and 300 max (my settings) add a respawn camp and log in. Find the zombies and put the camp down. Get killed and spawn in next to them and they will not attack you. 

  7. hey man i need some help with player inventory and i remembered your script does exactly what i want.


    Im setting up a mission where when you get to a certain point you are asked to complete a task and you are offed a few load outs to choose from. 


    What i am after is when you select your new loadout or old one goes into a container. the same way your script does it when you purchase a new weapon or uniform.


    Thank you and your script is awesome i use it in every mission   

  8. really like the script idea and its the closest one i have found to what i am looking for. 


    Is there anyway to adapt this to a trigger of sorts. Im making a mission where you get to choose a load out but i want the inventory you have to be put in a container and not just get deleted. 


    So you choose your new load out and your old one gets put into a container for you so you dont loose anything.

  9. 1 hour ago, BattleChief said:

    Are you Bluefor? he won't shoot them unless you are both bluefor...if you want to keep him as a civilian, go ahead and link him to your squad, but make sure your bluefor...thats about the only thing I can think of that could be an issue...unless you spawned them individually through the editor? if you go ahead and use the Ravage module to spawn them, and you are bluefor, then I would say there is an issue...but if your civilian, and he is civilian, and your spawned them individually, then maybe its an issue? I will test since I am in the editor...


    EDIT: Uhmm...I got no idea why your having issues...I just tested it, the civilian was actively firing on zombies, even individually placed ones...I tried both as Civilians, and he was firing at each zombie he saw...


    yeah haleks said the same thing. Arma 3 just does weird things for me sometimes


    I am civilian and he was blufor. I used the rvg recruit to recruit him and he wouldnt shoot zombies but he would shoot bandits. Then i tried to just group him with my character and the exact same thing happened. Weirder still i have  ENGIMA script to spawn civilians into the game and i use the rvg_fnc_equip with them and they shoot zombies just fine.


    I just believe he must be one of them people who still see zombies as people and he just cant bring himself to kill them, hence the support group. 

  10. 34 minutes ago, cosmic10r said:



    I mentioned a couple posts up that there will be, at some point, a better system to implement this...


    I would summarize the requests in this order


    1) how do we add the stuff we want to loot/uniforms/vehicles spawns

    2) how do we add loot to a specific map

    3) how can I build stuff

    4) how do i turn off runners

    5) how do I add runners

    6) why are there runners

    7) how can i buy and sell stuff more

    8) Why is EOs furniture shop closed on sundays, i mean it's not like a man doesn't want to shop for fine accoutrements on a sunday


    Haleks has hinted he has some plans... and seeing what he did with the jamming script... it will likely be good :)




    dont forget


    9) Support group for ncp's who dont want to shoot zombies.


    I've tried everything i can think of but he still will not shoot any zombies.

  11. 7 minutes ago, Sgt Smash said:

    Hi everyone


    Quick question does the loot still spawn in luggage and crates or is it just props now?


    I still saw a little bit of luggage and creates but not in buildings. Then the map I play on isn't supported yet so 90% is just empty 

  12. @haleks I have tried to add the Aussie map buildings into your loot spawns but all i managed to do was delete most of the furniture in the buildings that had some. Not all of just some. Like every room in the police station but one is completely empty. Not even sure how that happened. Any help you can give would be grateful.


    Also how do you add loot to your loot spawns? I've been using bnae's project infinity and the guns are awesome.

  13. @haleks Yeah i tired that. I even put 


    resistance setFriend [civilian,0];

    civilian setFriend [resistance,0];


    in but that didnt help. Weirder still is i have civilians spawn with ENGIMA spawning script, have your rvg_fnc_equip added to it and they fight. Its abit odd that he prefers to die than fight

  14. My mission. Only 2 tasks set atm.


    Was having a good day once leaving Melbourne. Lost a friend to the zombies. 

    Driving into Bathurst i caught a glimpse of what looked like a party



    I decided that i shouldnt go, even tho it looked like i was invited.

    I made it to the safe zone just after dark. (i forgot to take in game screenshot)

    7D2B83745DFFE21E31016F7F69A9A0F990072D51(taken from the editor)


    Got some rest and headed for my next task. Jumped in a chopper and went north to check out a military base that they lost contact with.




    Once i landed the chopper had to head back to refuel. Once the chopper left i realized that i didnt resupply before i left and i only had 2 extra clips for both my guns.


    I got inside and the shit hit the fan. I was over run within seconds and ran out of ammo. The heli, for some reason, couldnt come back and pick me up so i was on my own.

    No food or water and i had ran out of ammo. Zombies on my tail i tried to hide.



    well it didnt end well for me at all.


    I had fun. The new loot system is really good. One question. Is there away to stop zombies from opening doors? Coz i noticed they dont stop chasing you.


    on the way up cape york



    I use the atmosphere for this mod http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32697. For some reason if i use ravages with the aussie map i cant get over 15fps. I also like the was this mod does radiation. 

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