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  1. Yeah thanks for that but I still cant figure out what is happening. I cant even replicated it in a new mission. So I have decided to go with it and change the atmosphere of the game. So instead of Bluefor showing up to help the civilians get back there land from opfor, Bluefor now will be helping opfor settle a rebellion and take back control of the area. So now the mission is going to be Opfor and Bluefor fighting Civilians.
  2. @Grumpy Old Man I set the command setFriend in the mission init.sqf file so it loads at start of mission. EAST setFriend [WEST, 1]; EAST setFriend [resistance, 1]; EAST setFriend [civilian, 1]; WEST setFriend [EAST, 1]; WEST setFriend [resistance, 1]; WEST setFriend [civilian, 1]; resistance setFriend [EAST, 1]; resistance setFriend [civilian, 1]; resistance setFriend [WEST, 1]; civilian setFriend [EAST, 1]; civilian setFriend [resistance, 1]; civilian setFriend [WEST, 1]; I have changed it a bit to try and fix my hostile CIV's but with not much luck atm. This init works but it takes between 1-3 seconds to activate so sometimes they fight for the start then stop. The way I tested it was put that in the init, then in another sqf file I called it Factions.sqf I put the same thing but changed the 1's to 0's and then I put 3 squads at the airport in a diamond shape. 6 soldiers in each squad from opfor, bluefor and resistance. Then I put in a radio activated trigger in the on act bit I put [] exec "Factions.sqf"; Call the radio they they will all start fighting each other. Funny thing I found out of 10 test was opfor won everytime. The other 2 always hesitated before firing, im gonna say its because they are first in the list. EDIT: To make the test work right you have to disable AI pathing so they don't move. If they are able to move they will run away from each other at start. Not sure why they do it.
  3. @bad benson you may have misunderstood what is happening to me. Nice idea you have and I may need to use it in away to fix my problem. So to break it down for everyone. Everyone starts the mission as friends. There is no fighting for the first part until a event that is activated by a trigger. From testing it has worked quite well but if I have opfor and bluefor in the same room, the first couple of seconds they will fight until the init.sqf has activated and then they will be friends. I have fixed this issue with just placing them with there backs turned to each other. For some reason civilian placed in game are hostile to everyone. I made a weapons trader a civilian and went to buy good off him and he attacked me. So after I killed him I decided to drive up the road to the opfor camp. As a bluefor soldier I could walk around and even interact with all the opfor soldiers. I thought that was abit odd so I placed a couple of civilians down with a bluefor and opfor soldier. The mission started and the opfor and bluefor worked together to kill the civilians. @sarogahtyp I believe you may be on to something here. I have been screwing around with a rank up script and was a little confused that the rating each rank gave me was very different to what the wiki site said each rank should have. I have this in my init for testing to show me my current rating onEachFrame {hintSilent format ["RATING: %1", rating player]}; But I did try adding a couple thousand rating to each civilian I placed plus the playable character and still had the same effect of civilian trying to kill me. This has had me buggered for a couple weeks now to the point I havnt even played for 4 days. The only thing I can think of that isn't script related was what I posted above about grouping some civilians with opfor. Maybe that has made every other civilian I place go to the enemy side. Thank you guys for helping, it's appreciated. If anyone wants my mission file private message me and ill send it to you
  4. I remembered that I grouped a bunch of civilians to EAST to make them that team. Would that be causing my problem maybe?
  5. Is there a way to add another type of weapons shop? Asking because I want to make a military and civilian shop. All I need is a quick run down on how I could edit it to set up a second shop and I should be able to figure it out from there, hopefully.
  6. everyone is friendly. But even if I take out all of my scripts and just leave the mission.sqm file they will still be hostile. But even with everyone set to friendly civilians will still attack blufor. As far as I can tell they don't attack anyone else. Also it seems civilians spawned in with enigmas script are not hostile, its only ones I place in the editor. Its like im placing renegades/enemy civilians. Im still kinda new to editing and scripting so its gotten me kinda confused to the point I take a few days off to clear my head before trying again. If you would like to check the mission yourself send me a private message and ill send you the mission files if you would like. I cant post it to the public because I havnt gotten permission to yet.
  7. I use ASR AI3 for smarter AI. Do you have ACE mod? I found with ACE all you have to do with soldier on your side is to use the interaction menu and go to team and then join group. That will make said soldier join your squad. Ace also lets you pick up certain boxes placed in the editor. So you put down a medic supplies box (example), pick it up with ACE interactive menu and put it down next to a car. Then you use ACE interactive menu to load the box (cargo) into your car to take back to base. You use this method aswell to repair broken wheels or steel wheels off other cars to place in your cars cargo for when needed. Also if you haven't already get the Eden Enhanced mod for further tweaking of AI skills and extra stuff. Since you mentioned it before I use parts of the ravage mod in my missions. Mainly the ambient AI and Vehicle modules. The vehicle module comes in handy with what I wrote about ACE at start. Also the loot system is good as well. Turn off all loot spawns and turn the Static object spawns on and instead of getting random bags with loot everywhere you will be able to loot cabinets, lockers, trash piles, ect. I'm making a sort of similar mission as you are.
  8. Great script works quite well. I got 2 questions to ask please. 1. Would your mod in anyway make civilians hostile to blufor? I'm not sure if one of my scripts is interfering with it but if I disable your script before mission start my placed civilians aren't hostile but with your script they are. Now this is why I think I got a conflict because if I disable your script after I have started the mission, in the editor, it doesn't stop civilians shooting me. I'm talking about civilians I have placed in the editor. 2. To help me debug my problem in question one I was wondering how I could give the civilians weapons. I use ravage mod and have a command to give random loadouts if I put it into any init of a placed unit or module. With your script where would be the best place to put it? Reading an above post would putting it in here ["ON_UNIT_SPAWNED_CALLBACK", {}], be the best place for it or not? Thank you for the great script.
  9. I have respawn as squad member when you die for the first part of my mission. I would like to change this at a certain point in the mission to respawn on custom position. Give you an idea. You start the mission in a squad of 6 soldiers and you have to follow an investigation of sorts to find a missing squad. There is about 7 tasks to complete and takes an hour or two to get through. At a certain point around task 6-7 something bad happens and changes the game completely. At this point there is a good chance the squad of 6 will die and end the game but I don't want that. I would like it to change the type of respawn to custom and not team. Basically the game goes from a mission type to a survival type. Thank you for reading
  10. Chuc

    Trigger issue

    @TwoBad has the right idea. Just move the window a little but and it will all work again
  11. if it is that how do I get rid of it?
  12. sweet thanks guys I'll look it this abit later when im at my computer
  13. Is it even possible to change the color of titleText? I have looked all over and cant find any info on it
  14. Chuc


    I see no one has answered you so if you havnt figured it out ill see if I can help. It sounds like you went through the same thing I did. You have ACE mod. So you need to open up the ACE self interaction menu to use your Health, Earplugs and Unjam your weapons. ACE breaks the first aid kits up into bandages and morphine. You even use it to place explosives and to trigger them. Hope that helps.
  15. Chuc


    @Chudlik Unpack your ravage.pbo and find Lootlists.sqf \ravage\code\rvgLoot\Lootlists.sqf And add the new items in there. Just make sure you put them in the right spot and use the right item names. What I do is when your in the editor go into a soldiers loadout and empty him. Place an item you want in his inventory, he will need a uniform or something. Click export and copy it into you text editor and find the item name. @haleks I have a question I think you may be able to answer coz I cant figure it out. I downloaded panda nuke mode for my mission. When it goes off your modules kicks in. I got everything working well except the vehicle spawns. I cant figure out how to start them with a condition like your ambient AI/zombie modules. Either they are there all the time or not at all. Any help would be great full. Another question would it be possible to swap out the Panda nuke radiation with the Radiation form your mod? If so how could I manage that? Thank you and I love this mod best I've found to date. First one I downloaded.
  16. Place [500,0] call HG_fnc_addOrSubCash in a script and activate it with a trigger may work. cash.sqf [500,0] call HG_fnc_addOrSubCash Trigger ativation [] exec "cash.sqf"; see it that will work for you
  17. I call this on an object, mainly money Cash.sqf [150,0] call HG_fnc_addOrSubCash; _object = _this select 0; deletevehicle _object; titleText ["+ $150", "PLAIN DOWN"]; in item init put this addAction ["take cash", "Cash.sqf"]; you can edit that and pretty much use it for anything coz all you need is that first line [150,0] call HG_fnc_addOrSubCash; Thanks HoverGuy for combining them and for helping me with what I wrote above. If I wrote down the right one. Put this into any placed ai in the editor in their on death unit_name addEventHandler ["Killed",{params ["_unit","_killer"]; if(isPlayer _killer) then {[100,0] remoteExecCall ["HG_fnc_addOrSubCash",_killer,false];};}]; unit_name being the name of the AI you are placing. Its the only way I got it working. Still havnt figured out how to add it to a AI spawn module
  18. So im still a little lost but is this in the right direction Whatelseisathiscamp = Prisoner1 addAction ["What else is at this camp", "Dialog\Prisoner1\CampSupplies1"]; Whereisthiscamp = Prisoner1 addAction ["Where is this camp", "Dialog\Prisoner1\CampLocation1"]; //trying to put ^ into what you sent and i got this. private _id = Prisoner1 addAction ["What else is at this camp", OnActionA3]; //Is this Action and OnActionA3 part of what you wrote b4? Prisoner1 setUserActionText [_id, "What else is at this camp", //Is this right "<t color='#ff0000'>Background-----------------</t><br/>Multiline<br/>Multiline<br/>Multiline<br/>. . .", "<t color='#00ff00'>-----------------Foreground</t>"]; One good thing about all this is I know a lot more than I did when I started. Is there a limit on how many files you have in your mission folder? Even if there not activated till a certain time and deactivated when finished being used? Atm my mission file has 319 files and 43 folders in it. Mainly my dialog and computer scripts
  19. Okay had a look but still a little hard to understand. ill get there don't worry. with this OnActionA2 = { params ["_target", "_caller", "_id", "_args"]; _target removeAction _id; systemChat "Hello from A2 action. Next actions is A3 and B1"; player addAction ["Action A3", OnActionA3]; player addAction ["Action B1", OnActionB1]; how do I put it into my already made scripts? Or how do I rewrite mine to work like this? Does it have to be put in the init or can I run it fron its own script like I am doing? I also found this https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setUserActionText Which has this example _id = billboard addAction ["Some Action", {}]; billboard setUserActionText [ _id, "Some Action", "<t color='#ff0000'>Background-----------------</t><br/>Multiline<br/>Multiline<br/>Multiline<br/>. . .", "<t color='#00ff00'>-----------------Foreground</t>" ]; But with out any of it put into a real example with context its hard to understand. If you could add what I got up top into one of your descriptions I could probably pick it up quicker. Thank you again for your help and thank you for getting back to me so fast
  20. cool will give it ago thank you so much. Thanks to the other guys as well been a huge help
  21. That is great. but my scripting knownledge atm isn't really good enough yet. I barely understood that, most of it went over my head. But I have saved it and will learn but may take me some time before I use it. I want to understand it fully before I use it so I can fix it if there is a problem. Until then is there a way to display multiple addactions when you look at something thing? You know how you get the first action infront of you and the rest show up top left after you scroll. Is there a way to get them all to show up in the middle not just the first one.
  22. another thing im sort of looking into is how many scripts I have. I have like 10+ just for one convo. Is it possible to add them all to the same script or is that not possible. here is a couple I got Greeting.sqf sleep 1; titleText ["Go Away", "BLACK", 1]; sleep 1; Whatdidyoudo = Prisoner1 addAction ["What did you do", "Dialog\Prisoner1\RudeReply.sqf"]; Prisoner1 removeAction Hi; //used to start Prisoner dialog. place in init of something //Hi = Prisoner1 addAction ["Hi", "Dialog\Prisoner1\Greeting.sqf", "(_target distance _this) <2"]; //doWatch, doTarget, doFire Prisoner1 addAction ["Target Prisoner", "Dialog\Prisoner1\TargetPrisoner.sqf"]; Prisoner1 addAction ["Holster Weapon", "Dialog\Prisoner1\HolsterWeapon.sqf"]; Prisoner1 addAction ["Shoot Prisoner", "Dialog\Prisoner1\KillPrisoner.sqf"]; the bottom 3 actions I want available all the time but kept at bottom of list. They don't have to be there its just a thought at this time. RudeReply.sqf sleep 1; titleText ["None of your business", "BLACK", 1]; sleep 1; Justtellme = Prisoner1 addAction ["Just tell me", "Dialog\Prisoner1\Lying.sqf"]; Prisoner1 removeAction Whatdidyoudo; Lying.sqf sleep 1; titleText ["Fine, I was just having a look around. I didnt know anyone was here", "BLACK", 2]; sleep 2; Idontbelieveyou = Prisoner1 addAction ["I dont believe you", "Dialog\Prisoner1\Atitude.sqf"]; Prisoner1 removeAction Justtellme; So that's just a couple I have for the Prisoner1 Dialog. Some have more than one answer like this one EnemyOrders.sqf sleep 1; titleText ["I have a radio located near by in a town i have been camping at", "BLACK", 2]; sleep 2; Whatelseisathiscamp = Prisoner1 addAction ["What else is at this camp", "Dialog\Prisoner1\CampSupplies1"]; Whereisthiscamp = Prisoner1 addAction ["Where is this camp", "Dialog\Prisoner1\CampLocation1"]; Prisoner1 removeAction Wheredoyougetyourordersfrom; With each question changing the out come of the conversation I also have Dialog for Guard1, Guard2, and Soldier1,2,3. So I have a lot of small scripts like these. Does it make a difference game wise to have so many scripts?
  23. thanks guys this has worked really well and I got it going really good.
  24. Okay cool thanks for the reply ill give it ago. Wouldn't of thought to take out the spaces
  25. Chuc

    One-way Teleporting

    I use this pole1 addaction ["Teleport to pole 2", {_this select 1 setpos getpos pole2;}]; pole2 addaction ["Teleport to pole 1", {_this select 1 setpos getpos pole1;}]; I place flag poles down and give them names. No scripts needed.