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    Is there a way to add random loadouts to the vehicles spawned by the ambient vehicle module? Atm they are all empty except maybe 1 or 2 with a couple medpacks in them
  2. Just to add coz I didnt see it written. To start a task once the intel is picked up add a trigger for create task and give your Intel a name. Then in the trigger condition add !alive intelname That then should trigger your task once Intel is picked up. This works well with the task modules and it should work with scriptted task but I have only used the modules
  3. In the sites tab where you make Ai sites spawn I'm pretty sure they have other modules where they can call in help. I have used them in the past but can't remember if it was a mod or not. Was pretty cool in sp raiding a opfor base and having them call for backup then have a chopper land full of soldiers
  4. Chuc


    You can add lockers, some tables, boxes, ect. Into the house and set up the static loot in the lot module to get loot in them houses
  5. @hoverguyif I open a shop and I have a primary weapon equipped, doesn't matter if holstered or not, once I enter shop and leave my primary weapon gets deleted. I think it has something to do with the clear inventory option but haven't tested it yet. Computer needs new psu so haven't played in abit
  6. You need to add a item check in the addaction to check to see if the user has said item on person before addaction appears. I can remember how I did it but I did write it down. When I'm on my computer I'll post it here or just google it. Arma 3 addaction item condition. Or something like that.
  7. Don't understand what you mean. My computer never had problems when I did this.
  8. @zagor64bzyou could try adding a trigger that doesn't let anyone in without a scientist uniform on. Or place a door with a addaction to open only if you are wearing the scientist uniform.
  9. If I remember when I'm on my computer I'll post how to do it and a random loot spawner for the zombies as well.
  10. Attach the spawn module to the player. Each player will need there own module. But make sure you still place the spawner where you want them to spawn because if the player it's attached to doesn't log in the zombies will still spawn. It works I have done it in my mission the only problem is the zombies can crawl out of the ground right in front of you.
  11. Do you have a trigger syncd to the task state?
  12. Chuc


    @halekshow did you make fnc_rvg_equip? I may have written that wrong. I've been trying to make/get a random loadout function to work like yours does but for the life of me i can't seem to figure it out. If your able to point me in right direction or give me a hand that would be mu h appreciated. Thank you for your awesome work
  13. Chuc


    Okay. Thank you for the reply
  14. Couldn't see it in the thread but every time I open a shop, doesn't matter which one, I lose my primary weapon.
  15. Chuc


    I can't seem to get loot on the zombies. Does anyone know how please. If anyone wants random Ai civilians occupying towns enigmas script works well. I copied it and made a blu, opfor, res and civilian one of it. Having all them and the ravage zombies/Ai running around the map is intence
  16. Chuc


    I am using the panda nuke mod and was wondering if I can get the ravage gas mask to work for it. What/how do I change to get them to work? I have broken both mods down and found both radiation scripts but don't know where to go from there
  17. I use this with the ravage mod and all works quite well. The ravage mod has a random load out function 0 = rvg_fnc_equip I was wondering how/where I could put this to make the units in EoS spawn with the random ravage loot. Thanks
  18. Chuc

    ACE 3 Interaction menu

    Some mods don't work with ace. What I had to do is remove each mod individualy till I found the one that was stopping ace
  19. I was having a play with this the other day but with opfor not zombies. All I did was change the unit class name and the faction, I think, class. The zombie animation should be part of there class name and I'm pretty sure that part you quoted if just how they behave once spawned. As in in doors or out side spawning. I don't 100% know but it's just a thought. Also awesome script specially if ya want random roaming enemy
  20. Just a thought no idea if it will work but would attaching the marker to an object work for you? @hoverguyokay tah I'll give it ago.
  21. "Is there a mod where the body armor actually stops and catches the bullet instead of what defualt arma 3 has which is reducing the damage. Like hard plated armors should stop a 9x21 fully." - Quote from steam. I have a feeling trying to do this may involve weapon damage rating and vest armor rating. So to this would you need to now every vest armor rating and all the weapons damage out put. Then I suppose range would have to be implemented as well or would that be rated in damage out put because damage decreases with range and penetrating objects. Any help or ideas as to where to start something like this would be grateful thank you.
  22. Like the title when I start my mission any civilian I have placed into mission form the editor they turn hostile towards blufor. I removed all of my scripts and just left the mission.sqm file in and I still got the same problem. If I start a new mission with the same mods no civilian in hostile. If anyone has an idea I'm all ears. civilian setFriend [WEST, 1]; WEST setFriend [civilian, 1]; Doesn't help
  23. I got mods but they aren't the problem. So normally a empty vehicle would yellow on your map and you can get in it. What is happening to me is once the vehicle is empty it turns purple and then there is no action to get in or check inventory. Also when you drop a weapon on ground you can normally pick it up again and it doesn't show up on the map. What is happening to me is you drop the weapon and there is no action to pick it up again and if you go to the map the said weapon on ground will be a purple square. It's the same with any placed weapon/ammo create, as in there is no option to open them. At first I thought it may have been a bug with the action commands but if I start mission with a friendly in the vehicle I have all the actions available to me but if I get that soldier to exit I lose all actions and car turns purple not yellow. Also I don't get a command for squad to enter only to attack it. I hope that is abit more detailed for you. I believe it's the same bug that turned the civilians hostile and it's mutated into this now. I believe my mission is dead and not able to be saved. Pm me if you would like the mission files. Thank you for helping me it is very appreciated
  24. So I went back into mission today to make it work with hostile civilians and it was going really well, until every single empty car became a civilian car and became unusable to me. So I decided to start in car, that made the car ours until we all got out then it went back to civilian and we couldn't use it. To top it off I also lost the ability to open any container or pick up any loot. Also anything on ground, loot or player dropped weapon turns into a civilian item and cant be picked up unless you open your inventory on top of it. I got debug turned on for my loot so it tells me where the loot is, weirdest thing is that every peace of loot had a purple square around it. I have units come up on map for testing purposes and purple is civilian. I believe my mission is bugged and just cant be fixed.
  25. Chuc

    Addaction Woes

    If you are using names for the units how bout adding nul = [this] execVM "test.sqf"; Into a trigger of some sort so it activates when anyone enters it. Or just place it in your init.sqf file so it happens on mission start just like putting it in the unit init. You could also just add this h1 addAction ["<t color='#FF0000'>Catch!</t>",{varhh1 = 1},nil,1,true,false,"","_this == s1",2,false] call BIS_fnc_MP; into the units init or your init.sqf file or even a radio trigger to mimic a radio call to catch someone. Im not the best at all and I hop this can help