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    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    so i have seen some brush off statements about the CDLC GM. all CDLC should be included as part of the base game frame work. it has worked up until now for all the official DLCs why is GM done differently. it completely changes the build of the game for no good reason other than to split those of us who brought it and those who did not. the assets in the CDLC are exceptional and would be a great addition for use in the base game. we can always keep the "do you want this DLC" banner for the non owners. allowing for greater variety and game play. after all we did buy this CDLC It should not cut our play options in half
  2. darkdrift3r

    Official Zeus servers from Bohemia Interactive

    Hi BI team. is there any reason that @cliantside mods that dont affect overall gameplay are prohibited on "OFFICIAL SERVERS" most notably: -any mod that adds ability for Zues to use his own custom compositions -soundscape mods like Dynasound and Blastcore. -Ares and achlies (these only add functionality for zues) -YOUR OWN "OFFICIAL ADR-97 MOD" -Radio mods is there any reason or just because the servers require a SPECIFIC GAME VERSION and any added mod alters the game version. can this be adjusted, can you add whitlisting keys to mods that would not give the individual an unfair advantage. i feel that adding this functionality to any official server would be a great boon to the players and the overall game experiance in relation to accessability