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  1. Jack Martindale

    [ALiVE] How do I export a faction with ORBAT?

    I'm afraid not, I've never touched modding before, I just wanted to make a quick custom faction to make things easier for me!
  2. Jack Martindale

    [ALiVE] How do I export a faction with ORBAT?

    Thanks for your reply, I have the template downloaded, but the further instructions on the wiki don't make sense to me, I have pasted in the code to both files but I have no idea what to do next.
  3. So I've created my faction, all the units are in, but I'm totally lost as to what to do next, I've tried searching for guides but none give easy or definitive answers. On the ALiVE wiki it says to click the 'generate config' button but I don't see this anywhere on my ORBAT tool. Another tutorial said to copy the 'full faction' and 'cfgpatches' export option, but failed to mention where to paste them. I'm completely new to modding, and only want to make this simple faction to mess around in the editor/some scenarios with. I'm totally lost now, can anyone help?
  4. Jack Martindale

    To-199 Neophron cockpit HUD review

    I agree, I really think the planes need some love.
  5. Jack Martindale

    Saitek X52 Arma 3 Profile

    Looks good, I'll try this out tomorrow.
  6. Jack Martindale

    Abort treating yourslf?

    Just don't heal where people can see you, simple!
  7. Jack Martindale

    Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

    I really want to try this, they keep sending me emails telling me the next alpha weekend is coming, but they keep forgetting to invite me ^^
  8. Jack Martindale

    Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

    I thought it was pretty bad tbh, not to mention they advertised it as an open beta, yet I had to contact them on twitter to get a key because their site wouldn't let me register.