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    Custom Weapons on table

    Are they coming up in the Arsenal loadout?
  2. Hannah Smith


    hows it going? Still really enjoying your mod, my computer struggles alittle on the Australia map with it but i can deal. My friend was testing my mission for me and he accidently fixed the ACE problem i was having. If he new how he did it i would let you guys know but in pretty sure it was dumb luck. Im not getting any friendly AI spawning or traders. Plenty of bandits and Civi are spawning. Is there a way to make a static trader somewhere on the map or even ain a random location. Vehicles arnt spawning with loot in them is there anything i can do to give them random items? Thanks for the great mod.
  3. Hannah Smith


    Hows it going? Im really enjoying your mod and have been making a Australia map game out of it. I've managed to get ACE working with it in single player and a few other mods as well. I spent along time last night uninstalling mods to get it to work for multiplayer, i managed to get most of ACE working, got the interaction menus working and even got traders and custom loot spots done too. The only thing that seems to have stopped working when you go to multiplayer is the survival system. It comes up with missing number in function line 19, Ill try and get a picture to post so you can see it. Everything works well in Single player just in Multiplayer i have no survival settings. Can't eat or drink and zombies sort of don't attack, if you stand still they don't but as soon as you move they do. Its quite odd.