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  1. Same problem with : i7 6700 k 4.0 mhz Zotac 1080 gtx 8gb 16 gb Hyper predator 2400mhz ssd 500gb evo samsung Supernova evga 850 gold plus Watercooling corsair h100iv2 Temperature 40° normally ram usage run with mod or not 10gb All in ultra ,max distancie view Same proble with autodetect i can play a 30m more out of memory .
  2. Juan Domingo Peron

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    out of memory playing MP westland windows 10 64 bits 16 gb ram hyperx predator 2400mhz Ssd evo m2 500 gb Free space 100 gb 1080 zotac i7 6700 k I play full ultra spec. http:// error : OUT OF MEMORY http://
  3. Juan Domingo Peron

    Possible fix for the "3 FPS Drop" Issue

    desactive (ATOC) the tree is simple solution for now.