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  1. Cobra Commander

    Eden Composition Spawning

    Is there anyway to get this script to act before players load in? Not sure how to describe what I am asking. Essentially the composition I am using has our playable slots and I am hoping there is a way to init the script before players hit the lobby screen so they can slot. Thanks
  2. Cobra Commander

    Neo's Revive Script

    Hi Neo, Talked on Steam Forums a bit. I have been tinkering with the neo revive files from the Escape from Tanoa revive. I followed your guidance as best I could to take only the things i need. However I am not a programmer, so its a little beyond me. I will list the things I did, maybe you could provide help? 1) Created a functions folder in my mission file, copied in the Revive and HSC folder 2) Removed references in functions.hpp to all except ATR, Revive, ATHSC, and HSC. 3)Completely lost more or less on the initplayerlocal.sqf and desription.ext Any guidance would be appreciated. Although I understand at this point you are practically building it for me. Thanks! Cobra ----------------------------------- Neo, figured it out shortly after. Thank you for all of the guidance. I do not have plans to post any workshop content. However, if I do I will certainly credit you. Thank you again for all of the help. I truly appreciate it!