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  1. After four years game having just dozen (or so) amount of single missions. 5 or so - from original Arma and 8 or so that installed with APEX. That is all what BS did in 4 years for price exeed any other shooter up to 3-4 times ??!! This post correlate with this one: https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/203253-why-after-years-game-still-have-no-native-pvp-mode/ So for price up to 3-4 times bigger then any shooter player got neither native multiplayer mode (aka Battlefield style) nor good amount of single missions. At least make and provide for us some mission pack as other DLC ! We will buy it. Yes, I know exis workshop and custom missions that players made in editor. But to be fair they not good for me. Now game having just dozen missions, no MP mode from box 'install and play' and one playable MP mode (KotH) that is mod indeed. All above for price of 3 games Battlefield class.
  2. What you talking about ? This official DLCs with missions exist now for Arma 3 ?
  3. Now situation look like BIS made complicate milsim - very niched product, not for all. And sell it like a GAME, but without single missions and native MP mode. Empty. Arma 3 having just 10 (-/+ two) single missions that proudly called 'campaign' in the game. In addition its price triple to any compared shooter. I really have no idea why I should buy Jet DLC and other DLCs and where I can apply its ? Does BIS know at all that game named 'Squad' issued ? What for Arma after this ?
  4. Problem is after an YEARS (!!!) Arma still have no native good PvP multiplayer mode. All most popular and playable - are mods. 'King of the Hill' - it is mod. Other are mod also, and you forced to download and install and care for actuality of 20-40 Gb mods. Arma just an 'erector set' and all put under care of community. Really sad. I'm play just 'KotH' and nothing else good for me. Arma series really need native 'BF-2 like' MP PvP game mode.
  5. Project Argo ? Hope you r do not kidding. Project Argo is boring skirmish 5 vs 5 at maximum. And devlopers told they do not planing rise this digit,
  6. No men. Closest to BF2 is 'King of the Hill' mode, and only.