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  1. Domen Kastelič

    A2/A2:OA beta CorePatch 01.03.2016

    guys im really sorry cuz i got a off topic question but it bothers me really bad and i cant get no answer from no one :( !! i bought arma 2 few days ago on bohemia's website to play it online after so long i checked if there are any servers and they were a few but no problem. when the game downloaded and i wanted to play multiplayer it just doesnt show any servers it doesnt want to connect manually. even from bohemia's website...even game tracker shows few servers playing now.. im really sorry but i didnt had any options as bohemia didnt reply to my email neaither..i really wanna play this soooo badly.. and we come from poor family so its not like everyday to buy a game... thanks in advance.
  2. Domen Kastelič

    Can't Play Arma 2 Multiplayer

    can someone help i bought arma 2 from this page and when i try multiplayer it doesnt wan to show up any servers!!!!!